FEATURE9 December 2019

Food for thought

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2019 marks 150 years of business for Heinz, and insight is playing a vital role in ensuring the customer is considered first throughout its strategy, as Colin Haddley explains to Jane Bainbridge.

Heinz clean plates

If you grew up in the UK before the 1990s, the chances are your kitchen did not contain houmous, avocados, quinoa or even yoghurt. These current popular foodstuffs were rare to non-existent on British tables only a matter of decades ago. Food fads ebb and flow, with choices from supermarket shelves as susceptible to fashion as any other consumer preference.

Even amid change, however, some items remain essential –and so it is that Heinz, stalwart of the kitchen cupboard, has maintained relevancy, despite being a 150-year-old brand.

In fact, with a predominantly plant-based product portfolio chiming with society’s focus on eating less meat, and an austerity/Brexit-induced renaissance in canned produce – bootstrap cook Jack Monroe has recently published her Tin Can Cook recipe book – Heinz feels as current in today’s culinary era.

Gaining insight into grocery shoppers in the present climate of food trends is the remit of Colin Haddley, KraftHeinz’s director of strategy, insight, capability and marketing services, EMEA.

During eight years at ...