Along Came A Spider
"Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet eating her curds and whey.  Along came a spider and sat down beside her ..."   The Muffet rhyme
implies Miss Muffet was minding her own business, eating her curds and whey, and an uninvited spider decided to join her.   
What a contemporary allegory for America seemingly minding its business while dangerous predators, which no longer just
lurk about, are becoming bolder and more assertive in their efforts to trespass upon our sovereign ground.  Pearl Harbor (41')
and the TwinTowers 9-11 (01') were both uninvited and unexpected trespass on America with catastrophic results and
far-reaching consequences.  The recent flood of illegal immigrants is another type of uninvited trespass-invasion upon America
sovereignty, even though it is not considered to be orchestrated by a Government-State, per se.
Little Miss Muffet had three choices: to flee (runaway), stand and call for help, or crush and dispatch the intruding spider.  
Spiders, by nature, are not social insects, thus it was not looking for chummy conversation or witty repartee.  It was 'on-the-hunt'
as it eased into a spot next to Miss Muffet.   Pearl Harbor was an attempted clandestine lethal strike on the USA, and we
responded with overwhelming force to crush and defeat that
imperial 'arachnid' aggressor.  9-11 was another attack to which we
responded with overwhelming force into Iraq ... even though 15 of the 19 attackers were of Saudi origin, and all were affiliated
with Sunni-Wahhabism.
Since 9-11 was not considered as a State sponsored attack therefore, there were/are no internationally sanctioned recovery (viz.,
financial) options for the loss of 3000+ lives, financial business enterprises, and the TwinTower buildings.  Saudi Arabia gave
little or no assistance in tracking, much less apprehending, Osama and today Islamic dominated Pakistan, Iran, and/or
Afghanistan are reportedly giving sanctuary to Bin Linden et al.  The Queen S
pider snuck-up (flew) on the unsuspecting America,
injected its toxins, and escaped back into the desert.  How different things are today!
Spiders have survived millennia through stealth and cunning.  The unsuspecting moth does not see the finely woven spider web
and flies directly into its tacky-clutches.  The spider immediately pounces and injects its lethal bit, and then retreats until the
poison has accomplished its work.  America is still attempting to throw-off the effects of the 9-11 toxins injected into the heart of
its financial district.  The 2008 (4th) National Debt is est.. to be 9.5+ Trillion - divided by the 2008 est. USA population of 331
million, the cost-share for each adult and child is staggering.  With the US economy in a major slump, and the national debt
interest at 9+%, at some discernible point the debt-obligation sinkhole will be too deep and wide to dig our way out.  Then what?
If major US Treasury Securities debt-holders (e.g., China, Japan, UK, Carib Bank Ctrs, Brazil, Kuwait, Oil Exporters etc.) all
decided to collectively unload their debt-paper the US economy would tank overnight on international financial market indexes.  
Well that could never happen in this day and age ! ... one major catastrophic event in America be it economic, climatic, or
terrorist initiated, could
tip the dominos of our fragile currency and monetary exchange parity causing a massive sell-down.
Today, the execution of US foreign policy initiatives is approaching a 'knee-jerk' set of reactions.  Operative word here is 'reaction'
vs. proactive. The State Department, Congress, DoD, and the Executive Branch of government
all seem to have their own
separate agenda's, both domestically and internationally.  America has become so politicized, partisan, and bipolar that it is a
wonder any significant legislation, national priorities or out-year planning is/can be accomplished.  
A house divided against itself
cannot stand. (
Matt. 12:25)  America is at that great divide.  The last statement is not a critique, per se, of the present
administration, but an observation of the way things appear to be in these
days and times.  There is a complex mix of intervening
variables, and subterfuges, driving American foreign policy.   We are living in
eschatological times.
Arachnid terrorists, Osama zealots, and nefariously evil and wicked men are beginning to roam the surface of the world looking to
take a spoil.   Spoils can included, but not limited to, energy reserves and production capabilities, territorial imperatives (PLO and
Russia being two of the more recent acquisitionists), just plain garden-variety greed, political power grabs, religiously-driven
opportunities to release visceral hate, and outright imperialism (Iraq vs. Kuwait, Hamas vs. Gaza, Syria vs. Golan).
Biblical eschatology (endtime orientated scripture) is replete with warning, admonitions, and prophecies depicting the very
circumstances, situations, and conditions beginning to appear in these days and times. While the West is preoccupied with
Islamo-Fascism, the Russian Bear is reemerging and looking to reclaim lost territories, as Israel prepares for the forthcoming
Arab-Islamic attack on their State.  The EC is rapidly consolidating its resources and the Arab Middle East is preparing a
chokehold for the Persian Gulf petrochemical outflow of oil to the West.  America seems obsessed with four-dollar gasoline, the
next POTUS, and questioning will we be able to continue to have cheap
curds and whey.
America in all likelihood will be facing seismic-force changes in its domestic tranquility, within the next 2-4 years.  Why are we,
as a Nation, seemingly not able to discern the
signs of the times in which we live? (Matt. 16:3).  Answer, as America continues to
foist out
In God We (place our) Trust as the main plank in our founding declaration, thus so goes away the wisdom and
implicit in that Trust. As POGO declared, we have seen the enemy, and he (it) is us.
Synopsis: The Bear of the north (Russia) is no longer in hibernation but on the prowl (Georgia, et al.). The Dragon of the Far
East (China) has awakened and, by 2010, will boost a 200-million man standing military force. The Middle East (Islam) is
preparing for their Ezek. 38 - 39 war-attack against Zion and God's Holy Land.  The EC is rehearsing to enter the world-stage as
the Revived III Roman Empire.  The Vatican is ardently promoting its
Universal Ecumenism.  America is mired down in Iraq and
Afghanistan and struggling with massive national debt-service.  The first global nuclear attack and/or exchange will change this
synopsis, in exponential proportions. The
spider's web has already been spun and is beginning to stretch across all geopolitical
boundaries and sovereign territories.  Endtime prophecy tells us the globe will be engulfed in worldwide turmoil, wars, climatic
and seismic upheavals, along with evil running rampant across the far reaches of the earth.
The enemy from within: social-progressive divestiture of God's Absolutes, Commandments and decrees; political expediency
for the sake of power retention and acquisition; and a callous disregard for the debt-economy quagmire in which America has
allowed itself to become mired. This in large part is due to the secularizing of America's guiding institutions, advancement of the
psychosocial gospel, GAIA religions, and
moral relativism. The enemy from without: burgeoning counterfeit religious
persuasions, welling global anti-Semitism; mounting threats of military adventurism challenging USA mutual defense alliances;
and, America's over dependence of foreign petroleum imports, appear indomitable.
Radical Islam is a present example of incipient endtime evil beginning to manifest throughout the non Judeo-Christian parts of
the world.  England, France, India, Malaysia, parts of Russia have already succumbed to this invading geopolitical-religious
malignancy.  America will not go unchallenged by this usurping force ... most likely through petrochemcial hostage taking of
Middle Eastern holdings.  The more successful the arachnid becomes, the greater is its lust for further conquest and spoil.  The
stealth and cunning exhibited on 911 will surely revisit America in the days to come. The nefarious enemies of America are on
the rise again and making alliances with the malevolent evil which lurks-about today.
The 2008 DNC was a stupendous exhibition of organized conventioneering, yet with shameful displays of the detachment and
narrow perspectives would-be aspirants hold for the immediate and near-future critical choice-points facing America.  The RNC
arrived and departed as expected with the exception of the new 'base-runner' and 'RBI-hitter'  McCain selected for his VP running
mate.  Even though the proceedings were truncated by Gustov, staunch compassionate conservatism was readily apparent in
most all presentations.   Both political parties are placing
all of their chips on "their man", as it were,  while the systemic crises
facing America go far beyond any individual's personality, acumen, and/or  political suave.  The Policy Platforms between the two
political strongholds could not be more at odds, and even contentiously antagonistic in various parts. There is a real choice here!
Side Bar: The arachnid-like attacks are satanic-driven sorties against the Kingdom of God ,on earth, and are
singularly purposed to attempt to despair God's people during the last-days.  Scripture reveals that demonic forces
will be successful, in some of their attempts, via greatly tormenting
lukewarm Saints in their faith, obedience and trust
in God and His Promises. Two of the keys to resisting and overcoming such attacks are found in Scripture.
(2, 3)    The
steadfast, faithful, obedient, and trusting Saint will not be a victim, causality or spoil to these pre-Tribulation Period
snares and contrived demonic sponsored entrapments. However, the apostate church is already in free-fall.
The bywords for this moment are faithful-unwavering-vigilant-adherence to God's Absolutes and Promises. The secular world is
rushing to embrace the so easily spoken rhetoric of  "Change", 'community-unity' or we "will do it our way, this time."  Mankind is
object and subject squared, in the very center of the field-of-play,between the forces of good and evil.  Mankind cannot have it
both ways ... continuning to pursue
avant-garde social-progressive secularism, while expecting The Good of The Lord  to always
be bountifully available and for Him to be forever chasing after His wayward creation .Gen: 6:3]
Bottom-line, God is under relentless attack by unbelieving mankind and man is being lifted-up.
The judgment of The Lord is at the door, why are so many unable to hear it (Him) knocking?   As we approach the Valley of
Decision/Jehoshaphat (where God makes His determination about  "men", and not men making a determination about God)
[Joel 3:14],
(4) the nonchalance and lukewarmness of humankind, regarding the things of God, now appear to be a hand-n'-glove
fit with endtime bible prophecy.
Once the spider sinks its fangs into its prey, it is only a matter of a short-time before the end.  Today, some believe America has
inexorably and unwittingly allowed itself to be caught in the tacky-web of worldly events running-up to the beginning of the
Tribulation Period.
The nuevo-spiritualism sweeping across America carries with it the progressive denunciation of the Judeo-Christian God. The
spiritism of the
Oprah Church-type is one of the more recent and lethal aberrations of Protestant Christianity. The Gaia
(earth-centered) church and Dominion Now religious movements are equally nefariously banal.  Scripture reveals that in the last
days even
the elect may be vulnerable to being deceived, if that were possible.(6)
God is on His Throne of Majesty and Supremacy, and His Plan for His Church, and the unsaved world, is clearly set out in Eph.
(7)   Ever so sadly, a majority of the world has/is rejecting God's offer to be brought under the headship of Christ. This
rejection includes, in part; forfeiture of redemption from their many sins; relying exclusively on the arm-and-sword of mankind for
security and safety; and denial of the forth coming millennial Kingdom reign of Christ.  This is the day for fervent evangelical
outreach to the unbelieving world.  Don't confuse zealous sharing of the Gospel with
universal ecumenism, they are decidedly
different.  Refer to
(1)  Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet eating her curds and whey. Along came a spider and sat down beside her, and frightened  
 Miss Muffet away!
(2)  "They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to
 shrink from death".
[Rev. 12:11]
(3)  "Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.  Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. " [Jas. 4:7]
(4) "Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision !  For the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision." ... where God
 will decide about men, not where men decide about God.
(5)  "And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be a hundred and
 twenty years."
(6)  "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if  it were
 possible, they shall deceive the very elect."
[Matt. 24:23]
(7)  "And he made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ, to be put
 into effect when the times will have reached their fulfillment--to bring all things in heaven and on earth together under one
 head, even Christ.."
Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin