"Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me" (Ps. 42:7).   
As the deep of God's grace, love, majesty and righteousness calls to the deep of man's suffering and
waywardness, let us
hear His voice and answer Him while He may be found ... "Therefore let everyone who is
godly pray to you while you may be found; surely when the mighty waters rise, they will not reach him"
.  'Mighty waters' here speak of threatening forces or circumstances.  God will not strive with man (fleshly
forever (see Gen. 6:3)  and there will come a day of judgment and we need to be living in His will before
that day and time, both corporately and individually.  God's voice
(love) from the deep waterfalls (God's heavenly
also calls out to man in the trials and situations of life and says, 'I am the God of all circumstance ...
trust not in your bow or sword for they will not bring you true victory ... for I alone bring victory to your
circumstance and situation'
(see Ps. 44:6).
God is calling to the bride-of-Christ (in waiting) to come into unity so that we may gather in the great last day
harvest of souls.  Acts
(chap.,2) records the first century church was in agreement, in one accord, obedient to
sound doctrine, steadfast in fellowship, faithful in prayer, praising and worshipping God, and continuing to
meet together
each day in the temple! "Oneness, harmony, agreement. Unity was apparent on the day of
Pentecost when the believers were all with one accord in one place. The church is a unity in diversity, a
fellowship of faith, hope, and love that binds believers together"
(1)(see Eph. 4:3,13).  God's anointing through the
Holy Spirit, the signs and wonders and three thousand added in one day ... all came
following the unity of
believers.  Many today seem to be observantly waiting for God 'to move' and bring renewal, revival, harvest
and other demonstrative manifestations to the church.  The first century church placed themselves
in readiness
for the Holy Spirit to release God's power and glory on them and all that would receive Peter's message (see Acts
Coming into one accord can result from persecution, great social or spiritual chaos, divine signs and wonders,
and/or the church actively preparing and placing itself in readiness.  This day, and in the near days to come, let
us prayerfully and openly seek the Holy Spirit's anointing to bring us into readiness for His outpouring, the
release of His power to complete the great commission
(see Matt. 24:14)  and the faithful ingathering of fruit from
His ministry.  How blessed, favored and graced we are to be a part of the generation that will witness and
behold the return of our Savior, Master and King ... Lord Jesus.  Let us not be among those that will stand
before Him on
that day and be asked by Him, "why were you not in readiness for the great outpouring of My
Spirit?"  A 'readiness' word to the 'Godly wise' should be sufficient.  
Readiness is a state of being and not a
action taken at the last moment or planned for some future event ... it is for now, Today and the morrow.  
Readiness is a result if an individual's preparation by the Holy Spirit, facilitated by the corporate church, and not
the reverse!  "... come into the unity of the faith, and the knowledge of the Son of God ..."
(Eph. 4:13)  "submit
yourselves therefore to God"
(Jas. 4:6).  Know to whom and what you are 'submitted', 'surrendered' and 'yielded'
... for there is no earthly institution, which to the exclusion of the Spirit's perfecting work, accomplishes or
facilitates your "in readiness" by itself.  Amen

Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin
(1) [See Nelson's Biblical Dictionary - Unity Article]
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