'What (Who) is your best gift to others?'
An English folk author once wrote 'the only thing a man really has to give to his son is his good name'.  
Various legal pundits counsel 'that which a man desires to leave in his estate reflects his best regard for his
dependents'.  Postnatal caregivers have stated 'the greatest gift a mother can give her newborn is undivided
affection, nurturance, and tender care during the first six months of life'.  The worldly wisdom of men, the
wealth of nations, secular treasures, man's religious protocols and even his great cathedrals will all fall victim
to the ravages of time or the rust of the ages.  What is it, then, that we have to give to one another that will
stand the test and erosion of time and the decaying of elements? "... The only thing we can give to people that
will transform them is
what we have in Christ"(1)   What changes people is Christ revealed in us(2) and not only
telling others about Christ (in either an individual or corporate setting).  We cannot give to others that which
we do not have ourselves.  Scripture reminds us in many verses the Lord places "blessing" into our lives so we
may in turn be a blessing to others.
(3)   "But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor
rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will
your heart be also"
(Matt. 6:19).
In these days we need to continually renew our focus and commitment to "The Giver of gifts" and not just His
gifts alone.   
Rom.1:25 cautions us to not lose our orientation and begin to worship the creation rather that the
One who is The Creator of all things.   Jesus Christ is the preeminent
gift we can and must share with others.  
Through Christ manifesting His glory, grace, forgiveness and holiness in our lives, others will hopefully be
kindled (by the Spirit) in a desire to have His Lordship, presence and blessing in their own lives.  We are
ambassadors for Christ
(II Cor. 5:20-Kjv) sharing 'The Gift' which far exceeds any of man's strength, treasure,
possessions, and/or promises.  Seek to evidence Christ's righteousness, His saving grace, His manifest
presence and the security of His promise of "eternal life"
(Jn. 10:28) in your walk with Him.
How often do we personally share the precious gift of Christ with others outside of our own circle of
acquaintances?  What answer(s) will we be able to submit, if ever asked on that day of accountability: "Why
did you not share the gift of Christ with all you encountered?"   At times we may find ourselves puzzling over
why God may choose not to answer our petitions and/or prayer requests, even though they may seem to be in
His will and according to promises chronicled in scripture.  Have you perchance wondered if God ever muses
over our
reluctance to share the precious gift of His Son with all we encounter?  What is it we have that is
more valuable, everlasting and sacred to share with others than Jesus Christ living in us?   "Turn your eyes
upon Jesus, Look full in His wonderful face, And the things of earth will grow strangely dim In the light of His
glory and grace".
(4)    He and He alone is the gift that will make all other things grow strangely dim in the light
of His glory, truth and way!  Scripture is replete with the evidence that God does
muse (to ponder and weigh in
His mind)
over our reluctance to share the precious gift of His Son 'throughout all the Nations'.  Don't be found
with an abundance of this
gift of Christ  languishing (unattended) in your heart on that day of accountability
because you were unwilling or reluctant to 'give Him away to others' as He was given to you!

Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin
(1) (see Hungry for More of Jesus-Wilkerson, p.73) (2) (see Wilkerson, p. 71) (3) (see Gen. 12:2-Sco.note) (4) (Helen H.
Lemmel-Refrain (©1922)
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