To allow a malevolent spirit of   'fear'  to operate in your thinking sets limits and  hinders God's  
freedom to govern  in your  life.  There is "reverent  Godly  fear"(1),  a 'fear and trembling'
associated with  working out one's salvation(2) and fear and trembling conceived and foisted on us
by  deceiving-seducing  spirits.(3)  
Christian Faith is coming  under  increasing  attack in this day  
and will continue to  suffer  such  relentless assault until Christ establishes the fullness of His
Kingdom on earth.  A
pervasive fear is being trumpeted by the print and electronic media, ultra
left-wing religious factions, and those who portend to have an inside track on catastrophic end-time
'revelations'. Such fear tactics are fueled by recent real life tragedies (Ft. Hood),  prognosticated
infrastructure collapse (2009 market meltdown), increasing international tensions focused on
nuclear parity, financial market jitters (Dow) and various terrorism flash points (Jerusalem). Such
tactics are aimed at keeping  mankind's attention  on the 'cares of the world'(4)  and  seldom  ever  
do  we  hear, outside of the church, about God's Plan set out in Eph. 1:9-12.  The spirits of the
antichrist and companion spirit of Babylon are roaming almost unhindered across the face of the
earth this very day.  It is  the Holy Spirit's ministry in and through The Lord's faithful church which
hinders these spirits from being unshackled and ubiquitous.

"The absence of fear is not faith"(5) . Faith is not a consequence of  something being  removed,   
(e.g., a threat) rather it is, in part, a result of belief in God being "Him who is,  who was and who is
to come"(6),  full confidence that "... all the promises of God find their fulfillment in Christ "(7),  and
those that  "believe on the  Lord Jesus Christ will be saved ..."(8). When God called to Adam
regarding his sin Adam's first response
was not "I repent" "I'm ashamed", rather he said "I was
afraid ... and hid myself"(`9).  Unrepentant sin opens a gateway which ushers in spirits of fear,  
trepidation and intimidation that traffic as one force.  The book of Revelation tells us that  
fear will
be a major spirit-force unrepentant man  (and malevolent cultures)  will  have  to contend with  in  
the  last  days.  
Don't let a  sickle of  fear cut back your  faith and  force  you  to hide  yourself  
from God's call and His gaze on your life,  as the end of this age rapidly approaches                        

(1) Heb. 12:28  (2) Phil. 2:12  (3) 1 Tim. 4:1  (4) Mk. 4:19  (5) AMA Words of Instruction (6) Rev. 1:4 (7) 2 Cor. 1:20
(8) Acts 16:31 (9) Gen. 3:10
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