"Give our best to Him"
Give ear, oh you children of the Lord's redemption, for after you believed you were sealed in Him with the
Holy Spirit of promise.  Come not to Christ only under the cover of night as once did Nicodemus or believe
in Him only for what comes from His hand. Seek His face, His righteousness, His kingdom and fellowship
at all times in your life. In these days do not fear to talk openly about Jesus, as many did in Jerusalem of
ancient times, for if the redeemed of Christ do not proclaim His saving word (gospel) who will?  All too
often we leave the furtherance of the gospel to others who make it their vocation and default on our own
obligation, charge and responsibility to advance His word to the peoples of all nations.
As the redeemed of Christ we have an wondrous responsibility to take (tell) the good news gospel of peace,
forgiveness and eternal life to those we know and meet who are not saved (for they are condemned for not
believing in the name of the first born Son of God).  How convenient and comfortable it is to only
fellowship with and minister to our redeemed brother(s) and take little time or eagerness to seek out the lost,
unsaved and unlovable ones ... as we once were.  God gave
His very best to us in His Son, so should not we
give our very best to Him?  For the Son of man shall come in the glory of His Father with His angels; and
then He shall reward every man according to
the fruit of his works ... let us not be found lacking in either
fruit or works.  What we invest ourselves in today will determine what our reward will be tomorrow.  Let
our profit and gain be measured by the Lord in the advancement and enlargement of His Kingdom of Heaven
here on earth, glory brought to His name by our words, thoughts, deeds and the daily maturing of our life as
'living sermon'.
As worldly temptations and spiritual deceptions increase in the days to come some will be drawn away into
doctrines of forsaken emptiness. ["Whatever is the object for which men forsake Christ, that is the price at
which Satan buys their souls."]
(1)   If there ever was a time to be on vigilant alert to spiritual deceptions
which can lead men to compromise foundational absolutes set down by Christ, it will be in the near days to
comes (some believe such days are here now). Give the enemy no place or foothold in your life ... give him
no opportunity!  As the apostle Paul instructed ... "work out your own salvation with fear and trembling"
and "keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties
of your ministry." ["Work out your own salvation" means to "work
out,"not "work for."  A "works
salvation" is not being taught.  This process is what the Bible calls "sanctification."]
(2)   ["Sanctify them, set
them apart for thy
holy self and thy sacred service."](3)   Give the very best of yourself to Him while you
have it to give (see John 9:4) ... for truly we do know what tomorrow holds ... be not dismayed, for we
know Who holds tomorrow in the hollow of His hand.
[MLK et al.]  Praise be to Christ Jesus.

Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin
(1) [M.Henry, Mat.16:24-28 Note]  (2) [BSB, Phil. 2:12-13 Note]  (3) [M.Henry, Mat. 17:17-19 Note - Italics added]
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