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         FEAR will SICKLE your FAITH

To allow a malevolent spirit of   'fear'  to operate in your
thinking  sets  limits on  and  hinders  God's  freedom to
govern in your life.  There is "reverent Godly fear"
(1), a
'fear and trembling'  associated with  working  out one's
(2) and fear and trembling conceived and foisted
on  us by  deceiving-seducing  spirits.
(3)  Christian Faith
is coming  under  increasing  attack in  this day and will
continue  to  suffer  such relentless  assault until Christ
establishes the fullness of His Kingdom on earth.  A
vasive fear
is being trumpeted by the  print  and electron-
ic media, ultra left wing religious factions, and those who
portend to have an inside track on catastrophic  end-time
'revelations'.   Such fear tactics are fueled by recent real
life  tragedies (Ft. Hood),  financial  infrastructure  melt-
down,  NYC  Twin  Towers  on  9/11,  increasing  interna-
tional tensions e.g.,  nuclear parity,  financial market jit-
ters (Dow) and various terrorism flashpoints (Jerusalem).  
Such tactics are aimed  at  keeping  mankind's  attention
on the 'cares of the world'
(4)  and seldom ever do we  hear,
outside of the church,  about  God's  Plan  set  out in  Eph.

"The absence of
 fear is not faith"(5).  Faith is not a con-
sequence of   something  being  removed, (e.g., a threat)
rather it is, in part, a result of belief in God being "Him
who is,   who was and who is to come"
(6),  full confidence
that "... all the promises of God find their fulfillment in
(7),   and those  that   "believe  on the Lord Jesus
Christ, and you will be saved ..."
(8).  When God called to
Adam  regarding  his  sin,  Adam's  first response  
"I repent" ... "I'm ashamed",  rather he said "I was
afraid ... and  hid  myself"
(9).   Unrepentant  sin opens a
gateway  which  ushers  in  spirits  of  fear,  trepidation,
intimidation  that traffic  as one spirit-force.   The book
of Revelation tells us that
fear will be a major 'tempter'
unrepentant man (and malevolent cultures) will have to
contend with in the last days.   Don't let a
sickle of fear
cut  back your  faith  and  force  you  to  'hide yourself'
from  God's call  and His gaze  on your life,  as the end
of this age rapidly approaches.                           

(1) Heb. 12:28 (2) Phil. 2:12  (3) I Tim. 4:1 (4) Mk. 4:19 (5) Words of
Instruction   (6) Rev. 1:4   (7) 2 Cor. 1:20  (8) Acts 16:31  (9) Gen. 3:10