Synopsis of Commentary
(Linear meaning, straight-line and without substitution)
The process of living-in and walking-out the Christian Doctrine follows a progressive revelation. The believer's journey pursues
a course of unfolding understanding, commitment and yielding to the
Word of God as the foundation, power and truth which
governs his/her life.  More than just a few ministries today teach a '
skip-jump' (abbreviated) method of revelation in an attempt to
guide a new believer (as well as many seasoned followers) into his/her
spiritual maturity.  Such methods often rely heavily on
ritual, ceremonial, and/or emotive experiences along with various secular-type dogma to usher the believer into a 'deeper'
Christian walk, often to the detriment of their spiritual development
. Short-cut Christianity only produces a diluted belief system
and weakened ability to proceed down the "pathway of righteousness", while the forces of
unrighteousness are attempting to
prevail against us.  A linear doctrinal continuum rests upon Scripture, the Gospel, The Cross, His Resurrection and His Second
Coming.  The Believer's course, for living a Christian life, would include:
The Word   -   Truth  -  Belief  -  Trust  -   Faith  -  Obedience  -  Fruit  -  Fulfillment of Commission
The  Word here being, "The Word [Christ] became flesh" (John 14:1a) and meaning the written  Word of God, as well.   Belief
comes out of the
Truth held within the Word of God.  You can't readily believe in that which you do not hold as being grounded in
Trust emanates out of your belief.  You can't really Trust in that which you don't believe.   Faith then comes out of the Truth
revealed in the Word of God,
and one's belief and Trust in that Revelation.  Thus, Obedience is a fruit of your Faith in action.
When a Christian is experiencing difficulty e.g., trusting in the Promises of God, they need to critically reexamine the soundness
in their understanding of, and
belief in, the written Word of God.   For if they are sitting under the teaching of false doctrine, they
will surely have
trust issues with His Promises.  Likewise, faltering  faith is so often related to wavering trust which always
produces a mixed
obedience to God's Commandments and decrees.  The "fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience,
kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control" (Gal. 5:22-23a) and one test for those who claim to be "spiritual" can
be formulated from these nine virtues.
Christianity is not a cafeteria-style menu of doctrines from which we can pick-and-choose, subject to our whim or fancy of the
day, that is called
Relativism.  The ongoing fulfillment of God's plan for our life is to come into a spiritual awareness that God is
Love and bringing
all things in our life under the headship of Christ.  And our life in turn, manifesting that God-Love in all which
we think, say and do as we share and witness the Gospel to the unsaved .. which is a tall order, yet we serve an infinite God who
all powerful, knowing, and ever-present.
If we are going to successfully navigate through the obstacle course of tumultuous times to come (and they are expressly
coming), effectively participate in the fulfillment of Christ's end-time purposes, and contribute to the out-working of His end-time
Plan (Eph. 1-10), then we must have a true understanding of how straight-line Christianity works for us and why it was designed
that way.  Each believer has an integral part in fulfilling
God's Great Commission, and subsequently gathering the harvest of
souls into The Kingdom, He has set before us.  If ever there was a time and season to become in-line, in-sync, and submitted to
Word of The Living God, it is today.  Don't allow yourself to be caught out-of-alignment with His Word, when He comes for
His Church, the body-of-Christ.
Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin