[in the midst]
Do we as a nation comprehend the increasing complexity of the
End-time International Game Board?
Is there any possibility extreme factions within Religious-Islam can be assimilated into the world order of religions
following the aftermath and carnage resulting from recent
Jihad attacks?  Has Islam been hijacked by a small
contingent of radicalized Muslim clerics in an effort to proselytize new recruits and spread Islam to the four corners
of the globe or is a deep malevolent core beginning to emerge from within Islam?  Is Islam really the peaceful
religion voiced by some or is it being repackaged to appear as such, by the politically correct?  If we have not read
the Qur'an we may not be knowledgeable enough to answer these three questions. The Qur'an is easily accessed
online (e.g., Google) with English translations and well-recognized non-Muslim cross-referenced commentaries.  If
we are going to form a far-reaching opinion of Religious-Islam, we need to look beyond daily media sound bites
and become familiar with Islam's source document.
Religious Islam may aptly be described as a late 7thC. 'culturally based set of dogmatic laws and religious
practices crafted to instill a strict social conformity and subject followers to uncompromising authoritarian rules of
Islam's current stratagem is global domination by SHARIA Law (Islam-derived Law) along with an avowed
intent to annihilate the Jewish State of Israel.  Islam is a byproduct of 7th-11thC. cultural/secular/pagan mores: the
laws of the culture, by extension, became the laws of Islam.
 Religious Islam is the culture and vice versa.  Islam
calls Muhammad the
last prophet of "god" who supersedes Christ as the final messenger of truth.  Islam is actually
non-prophet organization. There is no longitudinal archaeological record of Muhammad (outside of Muslim lore).
Muhammad cannot not be traced genetically as a descendant from Ishmael (or Isaac) as Islamic teaching alleges.  
The Qur'an has
no recorded genealogy of descents from Muhammad, much less a genealogical link for him to
Abraham of the O.T.  In short, Islam is a
theological construct spawned out of 7thC. zealotry, in an attempt to
create another of mankind's culturally-centric religion.
The word Islam is translated as "submission" which becomes, in practical terms, "oppressive cleric dominance".  
power of Islam comes from allegiance to the Rule of Law (Sharia) and not from fait,h as such, in the teachings
of the
Qur'an, or inspired theological credos.  It is a cleric-interpretive and cleric-driven religious order with
enforcement varying from religious sect to sect, e.g., Sunni, Shi'a, Wahhabi, Hashemite, Sufis, Kahrijites etc.  
Recorded time is kept in terms of B.C. and A.D. and not B.M. and A.M.  The major misrepresentation held to by
Islamic clerics is the notion Islam serves the same God as does Christianity and Judaism.  This is to say
Jehovah/Yahweh is the same God as Allah, nothing could be further from the
Truth.  Is Islam the cause or the
consequence of Middle Eastern
religious fervor gone woefully awry?  The answer would seem to be it is both the
antecedent and the consequence and because the
catechism of Islam is bound at both ends, its ability to mature
beyond its legalistic/pagan origin is proscribed.
The recently appointed State Department Envoy who is expected to act as a catalyst in reconciling areas of
Western vs. Middle Eastern discord would, in today's
terrorism infested climate, seem to have little possibility of
effecting a working resolve.  Israel has made numerous attempts towards resolution since 1948 and is currently
only able to legislate a
fallback position which offers another compromise solution to the Palestine/Israeli conflict -
while anxiously awaiting the next major
jihad to be unleashed. There surely will be a next frontal-jihad in this
decade's old territorial struggle; such is intrinsic for the advancement of radicalized-religious Islam
A)  That a Martin Luther come forth from the outback of Islam and nail a 95 point theses to a Mosque door which
openly condemns the malfeasant tenants of Islamic militancy.  Critical
reform in Islam will only come from voices
well within the fold; Al Sadir (Iraqi) doesn't have a constructive building hammer, he seems to only nail with an
AK-47.  Sadir's et al., brand of
religio-politic reform is totally cleric-centric, thus no change from 7ThC. status quo.
B)  That a M.L.K., Jr. arise from within the confines of Islamic oppression articulating "A Dream" which bespeaks
Islam as able to live peacefully, even with those who are different from its members, and a willingness to act upon
such a dream.  Mahmoud Abbas is cut out of the same piece of whole cloth he is attempting to re-dye and thus
remains a part of the territorial feud and not the touted fix-it-man, as the PLO advertises.
C)  Since (A) and (B) are most likely proverbial snowballs, what's left for Islam?  The non-Moslem world has grown
increasingly weary and abhorrently antagonized by the fanatical use of terror-violence to advance religious-Islamic
imperatives along with
quasi-political Islamic agendas.  The remaining prayer must be for MERCY from the
non-Moslem world as the majority of mankind reaches a saturation point for the indiscriminate taking of innocent
life and destruction of property.  No one should hold his or her breath waiting for such a prayer to be offered from
within contemporary radicalized-Islam. There will come a point in time, sooner than later, when the non-Muslim
world will answer Islam's terror-violence with a
force de majeure. [à la, Isa. 17:1, et al,]
D)  A Christian New Testament scripture reads, "For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of
God ...".  It would behoove Islam to seriously pray for an intrinsic purging of itself, before it comes from the outside.
If the spate of Islamic
terror attacks increase, and/or rapidly escalate, viz. London 8/05, Islam can expect an
international consortium of responses.  The cliché 'What goes around comes around', may surely be apt in this
If Al Queda or other radicalized Islamic factions go nuclear-or-bio/chem., the resulting carnage from the torrent of
retaliatory responses will stagger the imagination of even the most jaundice chronicler of history.  Trigger-fingers
are starting to get
itchy as Threat Levels(HLS) elevate and remain high; strategic-gamers are ramping up their
plotting matrices for worst-case scenarios; and nations driving the global commercial marketplace are beginning to
avidly and ambitiously seek out an international center of balance which will allow for economic stability and
transnational trade expansion. Geo-terrorism has become the nemesis and Achilles' heel to all multinational
investments in Islamic-captive nation/states. Without its oil production/reserves, Saudi would be a Middle Eastern
tar pit surrounded by a vacuous desert wasteland.   By-and-large, Arab nations are classed as
Third World
countries (UN parsing), suffering from a paucity of techno-digital sophistication in their infrastructures. Several
Arab states are able to purchase 21st C. technological advancements, yet the mainstream populous in most Arab
countries is still subject to oppressive religious sanctions and prohibitions.  Saudi is fast approaching the same
quicksand of sporadic lawlessness and civil disobedience erupting in other far less wealthy Arab countries. With
the transition in Saudi leadership resulting from King Fad's recent death, internal political stability may be a
worsening problem for this OPEC dominant member.  King Fad (age 84) was succeeded by Crown Prince
Abdullah (age 82) and opens the question as to how long he can remain in power. If the Saudi ship runs aground
before America establishes other abundant supplies of sour-crude, the price of an OPEC barrel could quickly
reach $100.00.  The energy
paradox in America is really no longer just an academic or ecological issue for
debate, but a looming national crisis.  A Middle-Eastern reader would most likely view this Commentary as another
Western-driven accusatory exposé of the democratic-West waging 'jihad' against the Mulsim/Islamic world.
In the United States, Christian expressions of faith (prayer at public events, public display of the Ten
Commandments,  pro-life choice, Creationism/Intelligent Design, nay-same sex marriage, etc.) are beginning to
lose ground and the great bulwark of Judeo-Christian values is under siege from all corners.  World church
coalitions advance the notion that a homogenization of religious ideologies is the only plausible answer to the
rationalisation among religions, i.e., only celebrate similarities and
carte blanche discount differences. An attempt
homogenize and blend various religions is most often seen as an effort to divest them of their individual
identities and suffer them into a common belief systemic.  
The Book of Revelation (Bible) allows one to see the
coming of a demonically empowered personage (false prophet) who will have as the centerpiece of his agenda an
attempt to do just that i.e., the
unification of ALL religious factions worldwide and the worship of one man
empowered with supernatural (satanic) prowess.
Some Protestant denominations in America appear to be morphing into, e.g., commodity-driven religious
Wal-Marts, a little something for everyone at reasonably affordable prices;
the cafeteria is now open.  The pastor
of one of America's largest churches states he believes in only focusing on the 'positive', does not use the word
SIN in his text and does not judge nor censure amoral behavior(s) (i.e., only God judges, not man) even though
the Books of Leviticus and Romans offer clear guidelines regarding divinely identified unrighteous personal
conduct.  The "turn-or-burn" preaching of yesteryear has been replaced, in many a church setting, with a pseudo
psycho-social gospel foisted on the faithful by more than just a few television and high promotional-type ministries.  
Readily apparent in certain "Christian" television broadcasts, and from more than just a few local pulpits, we can
: health and wealth elixirs, anger management seminars, workshops to achieve self-actualization of your
inner most potential, recipes for boundless happiness, wisdom of the Ages conferences, designer induced
prophetic anointing, financial faith-seed planting techniques, ritualistic mantras for self-sanctification and a myriad
of other focal points having little or nothing to do with
the Blood of the Cross, indoctrination in the inerrant Word or
Christ as the Savior and Son of The Living God.
Christian scripture foretells of a great falling away (Apostasy) from the gospel during the end-times.  Such an
exodus is most often seen as a loss for the church proper, yet others view it as a type of
purging of individuals with
a chronic backslidden type of
unbelief.  Islam is not the only religious stronghold which is sorely in need of a
stringent rite-of-cleansing, purification and realignment with God Almighty's scriptural tenants of Righteousness.  
apostasia is not the Rapture, it precedes it, and for good reason.
"The War on Terrorism", "Axis of Evil", "Iron Triangle" and other contemporary expressions have served political
administrations and the commercial media well for the past two decades.  However, the expression "War on
Terrorism" fails to accurately describe the actions and intents involved in the current struggles.  America is not
actually involved in a
war on terrorism, per se, but rather an ongoing international struggle against "violent
extremists" who employ raging and unconscionable
terrorist tactics to accomplish their objectives and goals, no
matter how heinous and despicable they may be.  Terrorism has become the vehicle of choice for radical-Islam to
express extreme violence in an attempt to realize desperate and reckless ends.  Israel has been characterized as
the contemporary bellwether standing against unrelenting radicalized religious-driven terrorism.  As extreme acts of
unprovoked violence continue to spread, Israel gains an occasional sympathy in the fight against extreme
religious-sponsored terrorists.  However, Israel, at the same time, continues to lose international support for its
long-standing struggle against Islamo-Arab jihadists intent on its annihilation.
The "violent extreme", in part, is an outgrowth of inherent ideological/theological strongholds in thinking which are
ostensibly opposed to democratic governance.  America appears to be focused on attempting to forestall the
outbreak of anticipated terrorists acts and at the same time sidestep (i.e., political correctness) the causative and
precipitating antecedents for
extreme ideological/religious-charged aggression.  Such an interdiction model
addresses symptoms and stealthily avoids the root cause(s) of such pathology.  The Blair government (Eng.) is
now responding with a visceral fervor to recent terrorist attacks by targeting high-profile subjects, known behavior
patterns, as well as individuals who
glorify terrorism in any form.
If Islam (in whatever Jihad-type confederation) pulls the nuclear/bio-chem. trigger on Western civilization, the
compassionate conservative olive branch extended to the Muslim world will not only be immediately withdrawn, but
tossed back into the fire from which it was snatched.  The stage would then be set for a global and worldwide
onslaught against any and all terrorist factions no matter their origin - such an enforcement authority could only be
administered and "lawfully" controlled from a centralized locus of governance.  The emerging global community is
rushing towards a centrality oversight-governance structure.  Such an entity will most likely only be brought to the
fore in the aftermath following a series of catastrophic events which threaten global economic stability and
alignment of present-day geo-political multi-national interests.  The U.N, EC-3, the United States and forming Asian
combines are already 'mapping' multi-national trade/currency-exchange/resource sharing
memoranda of
as international borders become increasingly more permeable.    
The awakening "Dragon" (China) is altogether another international dynamic which will significantly impact shifting
global centers of power along with EC-3's rise to European dominance.  There are geo-political forces at work
reshaping the global map, in spite of Islam's terrorist adventurism, and some of these entities do not play by
Marquis of Queensberry Rules nor necessarily place a preeminent value on Human Rights as do most Western
democracies.   In the days to come, if the global powers are forced to "collectively" address radical-Islam, and its
penchant for extreme violence, radicalized-Islamic factions within religious-Islam, can expect to receive their
  The ends can justify their means may work on both side of the equations.
As peculiar as it may sound, the radical fanaticism of Islam has become a catalytic force prodding non-Muslim
world governments into an implied-alliance of federated states/nations.  Loose cannons rolling around on the
decks of ships, in high seas, could wreak such havoc as to sink vessels unless they were secured.  Islam is such a
clutch of loose cannons in critical need of being
secured (whatever that term may mean at the moment) before
suicide/homoside bombers become Trojan horses toting nuclear devices vs., C-4 grade explosives. Competitive
and historically antagonistic world governments most likely would never have considered
agreements of
re: against a common threat, unless that threat was becoming ubiquitous and unquestionably fatal
to their livelihoods and existence.
Al Queda has blamed Tony Blair for precipitating the July 2005 London bombings as retaliation for England's
participation in the
coalition force fighting for Iraqi independence.  As radical-Islamic fanaticism continues to
metastasize and threaten the body politic of non-Muslim world governments, a unified call will go forth demanding
neutralization of such terror exploits or an outright exorcism of all such radicalized factions.  Osama is no Saladin,
yet the leftist-Moslem world attempts to venerate any and all of his terrorist-conjured exploits, even those which
strike at Islamic population centers in Egypt, Saudi, Iraq, Lebanon etc.  The Popular Resistance Committees
(PRC), an umbrella alliance of Palestinian militias have now openly announced their intent to wreak Jihad-type
terror on the West Bank (Isr.) settlements immediately following the Gaza pullout.  Some things just seem to never
change, of their own accord.  
Again, such a broad exercising of internationalized governance will require the creation of a global authority which
has the proxy rights to take action when and where required.  Many world governments do not have the
and democratic safeguards presently found in American international diplomacy, thus a global authority
would most likely be historic Romanesque in nature - overwhelming power corrects all insurrections against the
Emperor and his territories, irrespective of the collateral damage which may occur!    
During Genesis times and the time of Christ's walk on this earth, inhabitants seemingly did not comprehend nor
understand the
Signs of the Times nor the particular Season.  The flood of Noah's day came almost without
noticeable change in temporal events, even though Noah had given due notice of the impending disaster.  The
Tsunami of December 2004 came as the proverbial flood and many of the closing-day events set out in scripture
will debut likewise.   Scripture reveals that during the end-time a preponderance of mankind will be just as blasé
regarding the approaching judgments of God as during the "
days of Noe".  Spiraling Islamic terrorist adventurism,
an emerging Asian juggernaut and the morphing European-Union Empire are world-changing forces which are
seldom seen through an eschatological lens by the
prize winning media pundits, commentators and columnists as
much of anything other than fodder for the news gristmill.
Does America's civil, military, and religious leadership comprehend the complexity of the developing international
end-time game board?  The 3rd world radical-Islamic factions are fighting for their very survival in a 21stC.
geopolitical universe and are willing to risk total annihilation in order to accomplish their Al Queda-type
From a cursory review of recent Christian denominational conference agendas, course outlines addressing
contemporary-issues offered in a cross-section of seminaries, and content on various "Christian" television
broadcasts it almost seems as if Christendom in America has a moon-sized blind spot when it comes to events
occurring outside of a circumscribed circle of interests.
 If Yeshua Ha-Mashia, Christ Jesus The Messiah,
continues to tarry, Christendom in America may need to prepare itself for some serious domestic tumults.
Islamic cannons are already loose and rolling aimlessly on international decks. As the seas of adversity rise and
churn let us make fast our anchor in Christ.  Make certain this day you are aboard Christ's Ark and not still on a
ship of fools blithely attempting to navigate the secular waters of life without His compass of Righteousness.  
Christ will give His Church her final call to bring those He desires into the Kingdom. Let us not miss that call due to
secular distractions and lesser 'works' of little or no eternal consequence. We live in the "best and worst of times",
let us occupy ourselves with the best work for His Glory and Kingdom - "while there is still light by which to work".  
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Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin