"No Yellow Brick Road"
"You must not do as they do in Egypt, where you used to live, and you must not do as they do in the land of
Canaan, where I am bringing you. Do not follow their practices. You must obey my laws and be careful to
follow my decrees. I am the Lord your God"
(1).  For the New Testament believer "Egypt" has been used, at
times, as a metaphor of the 'old life' before conversion and "Canaan" being the new life promised in Christ.
These is no 'yellow brick road' to God's moral absolutes; God's absolutes are the road of moral behavior and
righteous conduct!  There are no shortcuts to moral conduct, not though legislative alternatives or due process
... neither the statutes nor laws passed by man make
amoral behavior 'right' ... (Woe to those who call evil
good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, ... Woe to those who are wise in their
own eyes and clever in their own sight"
(2).  The 'safe sex' curriculums being foisted on our youth, in many
public school systems, and through several social and quasi-government systems (e.g., public education
curricula and certain court opinions) pave a direct road of
compromise against God's standards for moral
conduct.  Further, they flag (brick in) a broad avenue that will lead to ever increasing aberrant personal
misbehavior and willful waywardness.
Sixty plus percent of American youth look to current 'sports figures', musical-group icons and Hollywood
generated personality-types as desirable and acceptable 'role models'. Situational ethics (what is best
at the
for the greatest number) and morality on demand (you can do what you want now if it doesn't
infringe on anyone else) are the perpendicular crossroads to God's path of righteousness.  One cannot help but
ponder the question "where has the outrage of the Church been" as the Judeo-Christian based morality of this
nation (and culture) continues its rapid glide down the slippery slope of complacency and carnal indulgence?  
The 'coinage of Rome' and the 'wisdom of Egypt' (man's efforts to establish the value of his own worthiness)
cannot buy righteousness!
Any segment of our youth lost to snares from the worldly system of 'right and wrong' or persuasive fleshly
appetites will lead to a gapping void in the ranks of tomorrow's moral leadership.  Recent merciless shootings
in several public school settings attest to the dissolution of external boundaries and moral fencing that once
established guards against unprovoked violent guided behavior.  As absolutes (e.g., biblical precepts and
decrees) are removed and culled from the public school environs we can only anticipate further acting out
from youth running without clear boundary markers for sanctioned behavior ... and "testing the limits" of
many traditional institutions, secular as well as religious.  There is an overwhelming need for responsible,
moral, caring, Christian adults to involve themselves in discipleship training and 'fellowship' with single-parent
youth, troubled teens and  'problem whelmed' families.  Support and encourage your youth director
(s) and
make a commitment to be a faithful part of the ingathering of troubled young people into the house of the Lord
before they are led into further captivity.
Pray we do not have cause to faint over loss of reward
(3), when we stand before the Lord on that day of
accountability because we did not reach out and give to those youth we knew were in crying need, yet we
turned the other way.  The broad road to destruction is said to be paved with many 'good intentions', yet
today it is rapidly becoming wider from increasing 'moral relativism', humanistic value-centered codes of
behavior, and
laissez faire involvement from religious oversight involvement. The spirit of lawlessness(4)  is
already loosed, yet God's 'path of righteousness'
(5)  runs perpendicular to the 'yellow brick road' of the world
and is the '
Way' to our present and eternal destiny.  Where is the outrage of the Church as the forces of evil
overrun our pillars of 'righteous' behavior and maraud down the virtual
yellow brick road of these end-times?  

Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin
(1) Lev. 18:3-4 (2) Isa. 5:20-21 (3) viz., Matt. 10:42) (4) 2 Thes. Chap. 2) (5) Prov. 2:7-9)
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