Spheres, Domains, Strongholds
In diverse regions around the globe demonic spirits are increasingly flushing out of their spiritual strongholds, with great
fierceness to forcefully assault God's creation (mankind) and, in particular, the proclaimed Body-of-Christ and Jewish peoples.
The ancient prince of the kingdom of Persia (Mesopotamia: Iraq, and parts of Iran, Syria, Turkey) has recently reemerged with an
eschatological vengeance and ferocity not observed in modern times, save the Holocaust.  Demonic orbits often have
overlapping geographical imperatives which form cooperative hegemonies.  We are witnessing the resurgence of such a
formation in and around the domain lands of ancient Babylon.
Since the year 2000, demonic strongholds have increased in their breath and scope across the Middle East, within disparate
religious enclaves, as well as numerous other ethnic/cultural groups e.g., Rwanda, Darfur, Bosnia, Russia.  Scripture reveals in
Matt. 24:7a "...
nation (ethnos) shall rise against nation (ethnos), and kingdom against kingdom:"  - this comes from The Olivet
where Christ's disciples were asking  "... what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?"   Wars and
rumors of war were existent long before Nimrod, remain clearly persist today and are overtly advancing into tomorrow.  The
consequences resulting from near-coming "wars" will produce such devastating fallout, some political geographies as we know
them today may be irrevocably changed.   Wars in general are not the focus here per se, but rather the prophesized warring to
come in and around Jerusalem and Israel proper.
Does modern day mankind perceive the active presence of demonic causality behind any of the mounting chaos erupting
throughout the world?, seemingly not.  It is often said, as the population of the globe increases, land and territories become
more contentious and overpopulated, wars will invariably settle such disputes -- it's the way it has always been. The present and
near-coming disputes over the land (State) of Israel will have nothing to do with overpopulation, land usage or even water rights
(yet).  Take an aerial map-view of the expansive and vacuous lands of Iran and Iraq and one can easily see how the "displaced"
Palestinian refugees could be relocated, with Arab OPEC wealth, into a new quasi caliphate state.  Thus the Quartet's "two
side-by-side State solution", would be rendered unnecessary.   Won't happen.  The Israeli/Palestinian struggle is about
occupation and ownership of Jerusalem, eradication of the Jewish Nation and her peoples, and the envisioned establishment
of an Islamic/Muslim spiritual capitol, in Jerusalem.  Israel is surrounded by a demonic orbit, in and of itself, which continues to
release unceasing assaults upon the land and its inhabitants, both Jew and non-Jew alike.
Cable News outlets seldom, if ever, openly report on the possible demise of Israel for fear of validating the unvoiced maxim,
held by much of the Judeo/Christian world, which places Israel at the epicenter of coming Middle East military brinkmanship. In
the secular world, if political correctness (PCness) is what seemingly drives systemic ethics, then ethics can morph as the
PC-ness changes to accommodate the times in which we live.  Thus is birthed ethical relativism.  What is being portrayed in
today's media a la Israel's travail, may be a misunderstood dynamic between the forces of Hell and Heaven setting the stage for
the outworking of God's eschatological Plan on earth.
The European Union (EU) is in the process of methodically binding together its separate members (states) into a homogenized
and cohesive Roman-style confederation of states.  This Union will soon operate as a consolidated geopolitical whole, even
challenging America and her role as de facto leader of the free world.  Established and renewed geopolitical military power
centers are clearly visible today including China, Russia, USA and the EU.  Yes, India, Pakistan, Israel etc. are nuclear 'states',
yet the "Big-4" will dominate global power tensions in the foreseeable times to come, unless Iran gains a nuclear payload
capability and a reliable delivery platform.  Iran is situated in the nexus of the ancient Persian stronghold cited in Dan. 10:20.  
The UN and EU will, at some near-future date, emerge as "collective" players on the global stage of new world governance. The
political polarization of continents, religious factions and geo-economic centers will continue until Globalization achieves its
desired state of recognition, and significant geopolitical realignments become expedient.
Seldom, if ever, do we hear from broadcast media, TV talking-heads or even widely circulated print media, commentary
regarding demonically driven forces behind the scenes of world developing chaos. Obviously they don't believe in demonic
forces and/or their circulation and advertising base wouldn't tolerate such conjecture!   Today, the Axis of Evil tag is infrequently
heard in News reporting.  It would seem the initial shock-value of that phrase has become a discarded 'hot button'
characterization for three outspoken foreign anti-American states.  If and when the Media is asked about their chronic aversion to
publicly recognize and identify evil/wickedness, most often their response sounds like ... there must be total separation between
church and state, and even more separation between church and the Media.
At times it seems the commercial media believes itself to be more sacrosanct than any religious or faith-centered institution.
This is not media bashing, rather emphasizing the impact commercial media has as a primary conduit for public information
and sentiment.  Recent surveys have shown the average Christian family spends more time viewing secular electronic media
than all their participation in community outreach ministries, church attendance and viewing hours of "chrisitan" TV
programming, combined.  Today's high-tech media is a powerful force in shaping community priorities, individual attitudes and
even influencing public discourse on moral and ethics issues at-large.  This may explain, in part, why Christian
Fundamentalism is receiving the brunt of so many social progressive mischaracterizations regarding its Origin, moral
absolutes and ethical standards for conduct.  "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against
powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Eph. 6:12)  
This scripture was/is intended for Christian Believer's!  It is imperative men know the enemy (and his minion lackeys)
confronting them, or they will not be able to mount a resolute defense, must less launch a devastating offense.
Less than a majority of churches in America today, ardently and fervently preach about the rancor and malignancy of Sin and
demonic strongholds which thrive in the presence of a
politically correct gospel (i.e., offend no one, not even with their own Sin,
and/or focus on the creation vs. the Creator).   Rom. 7:8 speaks to identifying
Sin and it being revealed (Paraphrasing) ... Until
the law was revealed, sin was dead, i.e., unknown or unrevealed rather than nonexistent (5:14).  Sin never really appeared to be
what it is until the law brought it to light through definition.
(BSB.Note)  Presently, certain organized groups (read, in part,
denominations) within
The Christian Church are beginning to progressively render Sin to be unnecessary in the proclamation of
The Gospel.  By extension, awareness and understanding of demonic activities are, as well, becoming seemingly unnecessary
concerns!  For if one thrives off of the other, it might reason, to diminish one would by definition diminish the other.  That is an
example of a false deduction when considering
Sin and its origin, along with the manifestation of demonic enabled wickedness.
Scripture reminds us that regional demonic spirits (primary Orbits), like the one in ancient Persia (Dan. 10:13), were/are utterly
dedicated in their attempts to interfere, interdict and defeat any and all of God's
purposes, and especially the outworking of His
endtime Plan (Eph. 1:10).  It almost goes without saying; today, Christianity is under increasing aggravated assault.  To
compromise the
power and truth of the Gospel, in an attempt to soften or moderate such attacks, is the beginning of the
Apostasy (a falling away from the Truth) (2Thes.2:3).  In the opinion of this witness, we have already entered that
time/season, even before the beginning of the 21st C.  We read today, more than a few denominationally affiliated churches
have made and are heralding such apostate compromises.
To understand the spheres, domains, and strongholds occupied by demonic entities, one needs to study Scripture to know the
signs of their coming and presence. The author is personally familiar with cities which accommodate demonic strongholds and,
by their PC-ness, have allowed such to successfully invade the infrastructure of local/municipal government, many non-profit
service organizations and even some religious centers and churches.  Further, they are often openly sanctioned and sponsored
by major local print media.  What might be such a stronghold? One would be the contemporary and evolving
(all beliefs are welcome, all "gods" are equal, and all faiths can 'unite' in common worship and homage to 'god'). The
mantra of such a local
religious pretend often sounds like, come let us unite in a community of faith (period).  You can bring your
Quran, Torah, Bible, Book of Mormon, Songs of Wicca, writings of Buddha, Instructions in Scientology, Apocrypha etc. all are
equally welcomed in our
ecumenical community of faith. A second 'stronghold'  would be the welling insurgence in America of
displaced and/or disenfranchised peoples demanding 'their rights', which will become a fertile ground for mass civil
disobedience in the near-days to come. A major fault in the expanding US economy would/will expedite great unrest and clamor
for relief from an already overburdened federal entitlement system. Government is not the answer.  We are living in precarious, if
not, perilous times.
So what is wrong with open access religious ministries which promote ostensibly nothing more than "unity", in and of the
community?  Nothing, unless you are a Bible believing Christian who strongly holds to several scriptural admonitions and
Unity of the community, almost could pass as a Christian Hymn or fellowship song.   Scripture tells us in Eph. 4:13 -
until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure
of the fullness of Christ."
It is unity in "the faith" and not the community, per se.  It is faith in the knowledge of the Son of God, and
not an informed 'unified community' which leads us to our
spiritual maturity.  It is attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of
which brings us into closer and closer "unity" with God. The sphere of ecumenical religion can be found in all major cities
in the USA, and in most moderate-sized towns, as well.  Their retort usually is; there most probably is more than one god and, if
not, then "it" can and may be called by a number of different names, yet we all can joyfully worship him/it/she together.
Ecumenical Religion (Universalism) is the foreshadowing of the endtime-type allegiance which will be demanded by the
anti-christ and his False Prophet of Religious Orders (see Bk. Rev.).  We read in Matt. 16:3b,  "...
You know how to interpret the
appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times."  
What a message for today, and for many who can not
interpret the
signs of the times, staring them square in the face.  Religious ecumenism has/will seduce many to fall away from
Truth of God's Word while it continues to promote a synthesized religiosity, which is only destined for the Tribulation Period and
will have no redeeming virtue at His appearing or coming.
Demonic strongholds are varied and many, having had 6,000+/-  years to develop and refine their snares, delicacies,
enticements and entrapments.  Unless one knows what to look for, such seeming "rightwise" domains may surely be
successful in their deceptions and lead the curiously-unsuspecting far astray into
socially progressive religious persuasions.  
What's the bottom-line here? - It is Christ's response to Thomas' question  ...  
Thomas said to him, "Lord, we don't know where
you are going, so how can we know the way?"  Jesus said to him, " I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the
Father except through Me."
Unity in the community may promote a type of socially-acceptable ecumenical fellowship, and even
do some 'good works', but it is not the way or means to the throne room of Christ (2Cor. 5:10).
So sadly, many today seem to be more and more content with socially 'correct', all inclusive, religiously blended congregations
as a means of maintaining and increasing membership.  We are not voicing intolerance here as such, but rather an admonition
to not commingle e.g., Christianity and Islam, for they do NOT serve the save God, no matter what counterfeit claim Islam or
other pinchbeck religious voices may advance.  Make an effort to identify demonic orbits in your community, for they may be in
places least expected and often surrounded by 'social respectability' and even cloaked in religious-like contrivance.
When was the last time you heard a "Sanctified Blood of the Cross" sermon in your church?  You will never hear such a sermon
in a "blended" open ecumenical religious gathering; the
orbits will actively interfere with such!  Don't be caught relying on 'social
unity' or ceremonial practices when Christ appears, for He will be asking, "
However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find
faith on the earth?" (
Lk. 18:8b). He will be looking to determine if we have unity in the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God
and worship Him accordingly, as we preach His unabridged Gospel.  We live in the best and worst of times (C. Dickens), don't
let the worst steal your best, for their time is short, as our redemption draweth nigh.
Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin