Ode to 11:59
The seasons change with such impressive regularity, yet the  temporal side of man's soul appears to be inexorably vexed by
nuanced diablerie jittering about like fireflies on a summer's eve. The passing days drain through  the hourglass of time like so
many grains of sand with perplexity as to what the  morrow may bring and with equal angst regarding the unforeseen known to
come.  Even though we
know who holds the future, for all things were created by Him, mankind continues to contend for its own
way(s) in spite of such revealed understanding.  The world teeters on  the proverbial brink of chaotic events while evil runs
rampant across the face of  the earth hooting all manner of religious jibjab purposed to confound the  righteous works of
true-believer's.   Don't believe it?, watch cable news anytime.  What time is it anyway?
An  apple a day, or a suicide-bomber sent with your pizza, will not keep the  faux-peacemaker away for many more diversionary
days -
Oh Pray for the Peace  of Jerusalem.  Yo Dorothy, why  have you deserted Kansas and in turn led us @ 11:59  into the
dark center of the forest, which  belongs to the wicked witch?  Man is  increasingly loosing the blaze of his trail and the
hydrogen-cloud which lurks  in the shadows will predictably bring a melting finis to his existential  agony.  Circles in the crops
are  imagined by some to be signatures of 6th dimension
powers and  principalities tweaking man's imagination in order to
Yoda and null our  resistance to Kermit-like creatures about to emerge from the mouth of the  pit.  Hollywood is morphing the  
alien and weird into cuddly idols, while the Potter mixes his Sorcerer's  brew.  What kind of reality are the children going to
dream about in their quite moments?  AVATAR and "V" are disguised demonic story lines soon to manifest in the here-n'-now.
The  unceasing jabber of media voices, and talking-heads in Max's headroom, have  attempted to dull the senses of our
spirit-man and his preeminence over  the body and soul.  As the times and seasons rush by, mankind's fleshly appetite(s)
appear insatiable while  the carnal mind offers less and less challenge to resist beckoning  indulgences.  We are about to  
plentifully reap what we have already sown.  God's portal of
Truth and Mercy remains  open, yet the pathway to its threshold is
strewn with all manner of feigned delicacies, snares and black holes of treachery from the enemy's camp.  If you have ignored
and/or fallen away  from His call prepare yourself for the terra-firma tsunami of the seventieth week which will predictably
consume all in its path, unsanctified by Grace.  There is still light to walk by, yet the wick is burning down to the knot at its  end
while evil is becoming less objectionable, and at times given consent.  We do live in
the best and worst of  times residing
together as if in a symbiotic embrace and, for many, evidencing a  less and less distinguishable difference.
The  ersatz  "gospels" advanced by Postmodernism, Ecumenism, Universalism, Syncretism  along with Dominion and
Replacement theologies etc. are shamefully  replacing absolute
Truth,  first spoken and then scribed by the Ancient of  Days,
against the counterfeit.   Purpose-driven vs. faith-centered, synergism vs. Calvary, Rome vs.  Jerusalem,  Allah vs.Yahweh etc.  
are evidence of  
finger  writings on the wall of contemporary history about to be unearthed  (revealed) from the Tel (scriptural)
concealing end-times events.  As 9/11-type
suddenlies and cataclysmic occurrences  increase in type and number, familiar
worldly securities will achingly give way  to phantasmal elixirs and nostrums in an effort to salve the fevered soul of  many from
the vagaries of a coming consumption.  Again, we must ask, what time is it?
The  numbered horsemen soon will ride and be unstoppable in their quests and  use of prefigured annihilative powers. Quickly
separate yourself from the wildly  popular, artificially sweetened, psycho/social mammon-driven "gospel'.  This  gospel gushes
forth from the pop-pulpit of preachers/teachers/evangelists who  are end-time hoodwinkers, just as the deceiving flute-lilt waffed
through city  streets from the Pied Piper of Hamelin. When they repeatedly hound you for your  
financial faith seed and beckon
your wary allegiance to their  
mantra, BEWARE!   Forget not  "How beautiful are the feet of those who preach  the gospel of
peace, Who bring glad tidings of good things!" ...  without a  quid-pro-quo. Those who fleece the flock, skin the sheep and
require a  
deposit or advance, for their "ministry services", are shepherds  in wolf's clothing.  Selah
On  that day when we stand before the Bema Seat (judgment seat of Christ) it may be too late to offer a final  repentance for our
denial of hidden sins and/or gullible indulgences.  Because of mounting personal distress,  in these days and more so the
ones to come, those without the
sword of  The Spirit  (The word of God) will become easy prey for jackals which cruise the dusk  
surrounding false end-time ministries and purveyors of religious mischief.  All that we truly need has already been  established
and accomplished for us.   As our
Redemption draweth closer and nigh, let us cast off the  surly bonds of man's religious
connivances, put aside the pointy-hats, and no  longer compromise His
absolutes.   Let us earnestly seek Him to increase
within us so that we might be decreased, bring All things under His Headship and speak the
Truth when He  presents us with
the opportunities and do so. unafraid and resolutely.
The  bride-in-waiting is not quite without spot, wrinkle or blemish ...  there is  perfecting work yet to complete, for no flesh will
glory in His  presence
.  Be of good cheer for  He will give the call to crossover the Jordan, on the waters of faith,to those who
stand enduringly in order that He may fulfill the  outworking of His end-time Plan ... listen for the sound and voice of the shofar.  
He finished the end before He began the beginning; thusly He knows the whisper of your next breath for all  things are held
together by the Word of His Power.  With full faith and confidence in His Truth, Word, Promises, Atonement, Fellowship and
Resurrection ... you lack for  nothing.  The "He"
is the Eternal "I  AM", Christ Jesus, and by no other name may you be saved and
cometh unto the  Father.  
Believe He longs to be  pleased with you, disappoint Him not ... for it is through His life we live.  Amen
Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen  Ministries of Austin
The above is a lyrical ode and not a precise grammatical  text.  The lines are not meant to verse-rhyme or be poetic, but rather
set out a flow-of-thought which can be  found in scripture as well as current events.  Such an ode is content centric and not  so
much sentence structure worthy.   JDH