'Peace in Zion, at what price?'
"For all the land which thou seest, to thee (Abram) will I give it, and to thy seed for ever ... Arise, walk through
the land in the length of it and in the breadth of it; for I will give it unto thee"
(Gen. 13:15,17).  As descendants of
Abraham and Isaac consider bargaining away
Holy Land (see Gen. 15:18 - "Covenant") for an unholy peace alliance
with 'sons of Ishmael' and the
P.L.O., the events of Dan. 9:27 loom closer with each passing day.  It is difficult in
these prophetic times to balance and harmonize our understanding over the plight of the state of Israel until we
remember that Israel
(c., 1948) is the focal point of God fulfilling His dispensational prophecies (see Lk. 21:24),
outside of the church.  The polarizing of political, religious and military factions leave Israel in a state of apparent
disequilibrium and at times tittering on the edge of chaos, to say the least.  God knows the disposition of the
current conflict(s), as He sits on the circle of the earth, and through His sovereign omnipotence He will bring to
completion His spoken and written purposes. Yet, to the natural mind one truly ponders the Israeli rationale
behind surrendering portions of the 'covenant land grant' for an intermediate 'peace' alliance which ultimately
must be "confirmed"
(Dan. 9:26,27), by the antichrist. The only plausible answer is that current Israeli political
leadership is more centered on becoming apart of the World of Nations (secular) and safeguarding their
U.N. C.
land-boundaries, than following Biblical Covenant land-grant blessings.

It is inevitable that the political leadership in Israel will trade (give back 1967 captured territory) occupied lands
for a 'temporary' peace accord.  Why we ask?, it is because "they" (Israeli political leadership) desire to be more
like the world (great prosperity only comes in peace time) and "they" believe they can bring this about by their
own skill and negotiation craftiness.  At this present juncture in prophetic time we not only need to "pray for the
peace of Jerusalem"
(see Ps. 122:6),  but to also pray that America will not begin to withdraw succor, liaison and
buttressing of Israel
; for when she (Jerusalem) becomes a burdensome stone all the nations will gather against
(Zec. 12:3), yet God will fulfill His written purpose and prophecies for these "covenant people".
One of the more prophetic consequences to arise out of (following) the forth coming interim peace accord will
not only be the loss of covenant land proper, but the price to be paid associated with the ushering in of
Dan. 9:27...
for the coming peace accord will become 'politically' unstable and require a 'greater force' (secular) to guarantee
its continuance.  Israel once
again appears to be entangled with idolaters, enemies of God and infidels for "her
protection and security".  O.T. Israel fell into this diabolical trap several times
(see 1 Sam. Chap. 12)  when she opted
for the safety of 'treaty' (military) with neighboring lords and rulers, 'marriages of opportunity'
(peace assurances) by
her kings and 'alliances of convenience' (economics) instead of trusting the Lord to sustain and protect her in
times of conflict and calamity.  On this national day of prayer
(May 2) let us pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Ps.
, call for "righteousness" from those in positions of elected leadership and intercede [through prayer] for the
direct intervention of God All Mighty in the affairs of mankind (man will not achieve lasting 'peace', only Christ
has paid the price to bring His
everlasting Peace).  Let us intercede for all of the 'whosoevers' the Father has
given to the Son that they may be brought safely into the sheepfold of the Lord's salvation
(see Mat. 10:32, Jn. 3:15,
Acts 2:21)

This is not a time to obsess over prophetic events being fulfilled in the natural realm, rather we should make every
effort to understand and trust in God's promise to redeem those who will receive His Son
(see Jn. 1:12)  and His
promise to ultimately restore the 'Hebrew people' to Himself.  Guard against bargaining away any of your
'covenant land' (salvation and God's promises in your life) for an interim cessation from personal adversity ... look
not to man's understanding nor his wisdom, but to the Lord as your wisdom, strong tower and sustainer now and
in the days rapidly coming upon us ... "for your redemption draweth nigh"
(see chaps. Mat. 24 ;  Lk. 21) with every
passing hour of the day.  Once the Israeli 'peace accord' is established the attention of the world will immediately
turn to the European Union
(EU/EC) and its end-time prominence in world events.  If the Lord should terry, pray
He will prepare us to do His will, be pleasing in His sight and remain steadfast in our surrender to His end-time
(Eph. 1:10, Eph. 2:15-16)   Amen

Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin
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