"Planted much, harvested little?"(3)
Let it never be said that we planted much, yet harvested little during these last days while the fields
are ripe
(1) ... now is the day of salvation (2).   Set your eyes on The Lord's harvest and your reaping
in His fields will be credited to your account
(8).   Be ever so watchful that the ground in which your
seed is planted bears a harvest for God's Kingdom and not just production(s) for the 'ministries of
men'.  We can now see where many
popular men are 'advancing their ministries' while the needs of
the church and God's purposes are often left far behind.  The fruit from
'pop-religious movements'
will not produce the harvest-share which will be stored in God's Kingdom in the now, or in the
(4).  Well prepared and cultivated ground (the Church and one's heart), good seed (Truth of
the gospel) and well watered (preaching/teaching) ground will produce the ingathering of souls
envisioned during the last days, of the end-time harvest.  Great endurance, patience and spiritual
fortitude will be required in most harvest endeavors as the time of His second coming draws nigh.
Be planted in the house of Christ so you may flourish in the courts of our Lord.  For the house not
built by the Lord is in vain and will be without eternal reward for His curse is on the house of the
wicked.  Let the house in which you worship be
called a house of prayer to all the people and Christ
the "desire of all nations"
(6).  Carefully examine the social and quasi-political movements you allow
yourself to become associated with for many this day have a clandestine anti-Christian or
pagan/humanistic charter even though they run under the colors of religious ideals, principals and
even precepts.  Let such movements not draw you into their web of deceit for their ultimate
purpose(s) are not what they boast and can surely lead unsuspecting followers into apostasy.  All
terrorists movements against Israel (et al. Jews), Christianity and the Church of  Jesus Christ are
attacks on the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and its Supreme Ruler, Christ Jesus.  Make no mistake,
all who come against His Kingdom work, peoples and purposes will receive their just reward on that
day soon to dawn!  The counter-religious movement today, and emerging ecumenical enclaves, are
nothing less than a diabolical satanic plan to undermine the workings of the Holy Spirit and His
ministry to the Church proper.
Be ever alert and wakeful the enemy does not spirit discomfiture into your life through a word of
compromise that acts against what you 'know' to be the 'truth' of the gospel
: mistake not
entertainment for worship; nor illustrated dramas for praise; or religious rituals for holiness.  The
subtle and clever snares of deception are well practiced and will entrap most all non-vigilant believers
during the coming days.  One's vigilance can be blunted through
sound-bite-sermons, financially
driven evangelism, buildings to glorify man's needs
and/or leadership with a congregational-size
consciousness from within, as well as a host of worldly practices from outside the assembly.  It is
written that judgment must begin at the house of God
(7).   Let us not dwell in paneled houses while
the house of the Lord requires much
(3) from each member to spread His gospel across all waters.  
Most vulnerable population groups to nefarious influences in the near days to come will include any
'social/economic underclass', 'ethnic centered' social movements and quasi-religious sects which
oppose monotheism
(Judeo-Christian).  Not only be righteous in your own planting and harvesting, but
be ever so wary in the produce (preaching/teaching/prophecy) you consume from the fields of
others!  If your planting as of yet has not produced the desired yield, stand on your faith, trust and
patience.  Do not be tempted to cross-cultivate your seed with other pop-religious and
feigned-spiritual dramatics flourishing in America this day ... for they have nothing to offer but
spoilage and contamination.

Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D
Amen Ministries of Austin
(1) John 4:35-38  (2) 2 Cor. 6:2  (3) Hag. 1:4-7  (4) Matt. 7:21-23   (5) Lk. 21:28   (6) Hag.2:7  (7) 1 Pet. 2:7   (8) Matt. 6:20    
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