By-what-products are you known?
Fainting  faith, faltering hope, and feigned obedience can surely be derivatives of reliance and dependence
on a worldly (fleshly) mind seeking to discern God's perfect will.  "Do not conform any longer to the
pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and
approve (
prove = Kjv) what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will."(1)  "prove" here implies
to 'ascertain' ... the ability
to discern God's will.  "be not conformed" i.e., do not live according to the
style of this present age ... which is easily voiced by many, yet just as often is not evidenced in the manner
of living seen in their lives, as observed by others.  "
be ye transformed"... A continual process of change
from inside out
. "transformed"(Gk. 3339) in this passage is the same Greek word used for Christ's
transfiguration"(3) (lit. or fig. "metamorphose").
The Apostle Paul spoke of 'renewal' in Eph. 4:23, "And be renewed in the spirit (attitude-Niv) of your
renew - (Gk. to "renovate and reform") is something to be done continually; the old man...the
new man
- the old is what we were before we were saved, and the new is the new life we have in
Christ.(4)  Thus, our minds are to be
transformed(a permanent condition) into a living devotion to God as
opposed to continued
conformity (a temporary and changing condition) to a worldly walk.  The objective
here is being able to 'discern' what God's good and perfect will is for any given situation, as well as for
larger challenges which are inherent in our Kingdom walk.  If we are
unwilling to exchange our
'conforming' to the worldly system for 'a transformation' to mind of Christ, then we are bound to repeat
the past and live today behind the mistakes and failure of yesterday.  It is through the sanctifying power of
the Holy Spirit that the believer is able to make such a transition.  The
renewed mind of the believer is a
central target for attack from the forces of darkness(5) and will be a primary battle ground over which the
church will continue to win souls for the Kingdom or lose them to the relentless siege of the enemy.
The enemy never sleeps, works a 24/7 shift and takes no vacation or comp-time.  Every hour and day
'the church' is not ministering to believer's and seeking to evangelize the unsaved are "times of unfulfilled
works" and "opportunities given over to worldly pursuits".  So often we (individuals and corporate
bodies) are
known by-the-products that result from God's righteousness operating in our lives or by our
pursuit of secularly centered purposes: soul winning -vs- lust for silver, repentance -vs- revelry, obedience
-vs- lawlessness, commitment -vs- complacency, giving from what we have -vs- barning-up treasure, etc.
 Let the desires of your heart(6) be for a greater and ever increasing revelation of Jesus Christ as the Son
of the Living God(7) ... be known by-the-products (fruit) of the Spirit(8) in your life and not by the noised
exploits of your behavior, or misbehavior.                                                                                   
(1) Rom. Chp. 12:2 [Niv]   (2) See Ryriek BSB   (3) Matt. 17:2   (4)2 Cor. 5:17; Gal. 2:20   (5)Eph. 6:12   
(6) Ps. 37:4   (7) Matt. 16:16   (8) Gal. 5:22
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