In the soon coming days we will see a cessation of ministries promoting "procedural Christianity". Procedural Christianity
has captivated segments of the 'last-day' church with "get all you can ask for, now!" ministries which have been spawned
out of certain para-church television enclaves.  When the messenger (ministry) narrows or edits the message (gospel) to
fit and serve its purposes, and especially if the messenger (ministry) should attempt to become the message, then the
Kingdom suffers greatly.  Further, the gospel in several of these para-church venues is diluted by man's empire-building
aspirations (Gen. 11
:4) vs. "preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God "(Mk. 1:14-15).
Until we see a reckless abandon to preaching the "gospel of the Kingdom of God" and a repentance from  narrow and
singularly focused
prosperity-driven, self-improvement, self-empowerment pop-ministries inundating much of today's
'religious' community ... we will continue to beckon and invite consequences to come upon the church, and mankind in
general, i.e., the last
shaking (Hag. 2:6-7; or Heb. 12:25-29).  On the other side of the aisle, often we have 'lukewarm' and
listless congregants (Rev. 3
:16) with church leadership struggling to keep the faithful from wandering off to other
locations for praise, worship and assembly. The
bride of Christ (faithful church) shall not be in a divided state rather, she
will be a "glorious church, not having stain, or wrinkle or any other blemish, but (being) holy and blameless" (Eph. 5:27).
Many youth-oriented, young adult, and various nondenominational ministries (worldwide) are experiencing a resurgence in
attendance, conversions and open participation in evangelically outreach.  Single and dual issue (e.g., prosperity and
personal well-being) ministries are prone to perpetuating a willful reduction in the gospel of
The Kingdom to "what we
want and believe we have a right to, right-now!" as opposed to "what is God asking of us in these day(s)?".  Yes, God will
meet our need (Phil. 4:19), but He expects us to
need Him for Himself and not just for His willingness and ability to meet
our voiced desires.  God does not often sovereignly move on the basis of
need alone! ... if He did there would be no
poverty, illness, loneliness, captivity or violence among men.  God moves on the basis of our
faith in His promises, our
obedience to His commandments, our belief in and surrender to Christ Jesus as the Son of the Living God and His
sovereign will
to accomplish what and when it pleases Him.
Substantive, faith-based, Christ-centered Christianity must once again be placed at the apex of our Christian life through
Christ.  A singular message offering 'procedural techniques' of how to
"get what you want and desire, at this moment"
needs to be seen for what it is and from whence it originates.  As God moves in fulfilling last-day prophecy, the "get
your's now" ministries will pale into obscurity as a consequence of the majesty of God's presence, power and revealed
purpose for His bride-in-waiting.  Become reckless in your pursuit of God's last-day plan to "... gather together in one all
things in Christ, both which are in heaven and which are on earth;" and count not the loss of 'technique-centered
christianity' as anything, for it only promotes the ambitions of the self and forsakes the genuine furtherance of His
Kingdom.  Scripture clearly reveals, that when God calls, those who are already in a place of 'preparedness' are the ones
can and are able to respond to a further outworking of His Plan and revelation of His end-time purpose(s).  Become
the witness you voice to others as an example, plant your seed-faith in good ground which has proven harvests and guard
your sensory-gates for we are surely in a 'time of itching ears' (II Tim. 4:3), 'vain imaginations' and 'culpable

Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin
Is it not past time for us to abandon the things that only serve the religious empire building of man's self-centered-nature
and recklessly pursue
"the Kingdom of God" as set out and preached by Christ Himself?  The 'seventh day' is about to
dawn (millennium) which will usher in the initiation of many of God's end-time and last-day events. The Church will need
to be ready to
move at His command even if His command(s) may not seem to track the church's corporate order of
events or our personal agenda.  God's plan is set out in Eph. 2:15-16 and Eph. 1:10 (NKJV) "That ... He might gather
together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven and which are on earth; in Him."  Mankind has been given
almost 2,000 years to
'get it right(eous)' and it now appears God will have to intervene, irrespective of those who believe
man can do it on his own, if given enough time and technology.  The Law of Entropy states " ... things left to themselves
will, over time, deteriorate to an inert lower state"[AHDic].  Scripture reveals that unless God intervenes in the affairs of
'mankind and his doings' (Matt. 24:22 and 1 Thes. 4:17) he will surely not survive the course of end-time events.  And in
view of the ongoing conflagration occurring in Israel with the PLO, Islam, terrorist factions et al., God doubtlessly will
need to intervene in those situations or else we may be visited by a premature Armageddon-like military cataclysm. -------------- --------------- P.O. Box 27683  Austin, Texas 78755