New Age circles on the knoll of a hill.  No Golgotha here (2)     
Secular Spirituality is a contemporary quasi-religious concept used to replace/compete with bible centered
Christianity. This nuevo-cliche also represents
secular humanism in all of its various superfluous-science forms. It
no longer seems righteousness is a prerequisite to be
religious, but it is avant-garde to be spiritual ...implying a
connectedness with "all things spiritual", while "religious" in now-generation lingo infers 'old school' scriptural
values and passe Age-of-Grace. Today America is in the beguiling season of ubiquitous
change and far-reaching
progressive-social ideologues. The days of the neoconservatives are not on the wane, rather they are removed over
the far-distant horizon [Search Wikipedia]
Secular spirituality, in the minds of many, is a 21st C. oxymoron(4) combining contradictory terms. On the other end
of the spectrum are God's
absolutes. Secular humanism advances relativism as the 'silver standard' for determining
what is right, wrong, and when either needs to be in force at the given time. A companion aphorism advances the
principle of "crisis management".  This principle arguably accepts a correct set of conditions as being ostensibly
irresolvable on their merits, thus management of the crisis is the second best option.  America is in the dire middle of
attempting to outwork such a set of government dilemmas, wrapped in secular enigmas.  In secularland, God and His
assurances are not considered as having knowing answers to mankind's escalating 21st C. quagmires, thus enter
rational humanistic relativism.
Rational humanistic relativism is the underpinning of present-day social-progressive politics.  The New Age and the
cultural Age of Aquarius have  not panned out, and has even less probability of realizing their nirvana-like dreams in
the coming decades. Thus, the 'wiser political majority' has changed focus and is in hot pursuit of that which seems  
to work best for the
crises at hand.  In 2008-09, America's political systemic opted to spend (borrow) 1-3 Trillion in
order to attempt to buy its way out of economic meltdown.  Pure
situational relativism. The more treasury notes
printed, without unobligted hard collateral assets, the less value for the dollar (inflation) ... over expenditure and
excessive borrowing
downside. This type situational political fix is void of sustaining monetary functional
equivalence, yet current government leadership apparently believes otherwise. Once such political elixirs are in place
the economic system most often must collapse before it can ever be reconciled and boast solvency.
Secular Humanism
An online manifest for secular humanism reads, in part as:
The new social-progressive (read as liberal) political movement is well on its far afield saga to not only reshape the
American social/cultural/government landscape, but to irrevocably transform this great nation into an
European-envisioned socialistic federation, and no longer a Republic (as  envisioned by the framer's of  the
Constitution).  'Religion' is being nudged from America's cultural center stage (as prophesied). Political-science is being
ushered in as the only reasonable, rational, practical means for understanding and regulating contemporary affairs of
humankind, and managing the onward rush towards globalization.
A Moment of science
We hear increasingly, throughout higher education enclaves, Let us bow our heads for a moment of science. New Age
spirituality is fully masquerading in drag as secular humanism.  A more palatable term being noised about by the
progressive-left is,
Cultural Secularism. Put lipstick on a pig, and it is still a pig, irrespective of what name it is given.  
The Ten Commandments are being removed from state and federal buildings, the study of the Christian religion is no
longer a part of public education curricula, Christian prayer is all but sanctioned from public events, and 'Evolution
theory' is trumping 'Creationism' as the
accepted explanation for the Origin of Man.
So What?
What does the emerging American progressive politic, and recent financial meltdown, have to do with secular
* Nationwide decline of traditional Christian denominationalism
* Advancing cultural situational morality
* Popular liberal tolerance/acceptance of hitherto taboo behavioral choices
* the great over reliance and embrace of political fixes and salvation via 'government' intervention
have opened ways and means for powerful reform in America's mores and standards of right-and-wrong.  The so what
is, the enemy once was "over there", across the great divide, in foreign lands. Today, enlarging destructive forces now
may be found well within our own national boundaries and social-progressive government seems predisposed to
waiting for
the other shoe to drop before significant policy intervention, much less interdictions, are initiated.
[3]  2 Th. 2:3-4 - "let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away
  (apostasia) comes first, and the man of sin is revealed,  the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself
  above all  that is called God or that is worshiped, so that  he sits as  God in the temple of  God, showing himself
  that he is God."
falling away, or the apostasia. An aggressive and climactic revolt against God that will prepare the way for the
  appearance of the man of sin - i.e., anti-christ [Ryriek-kjv.not]
oxymoron.  A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined as in a deafening
  silence, bitter-sweet, plastic glasses.
Around the corner
America now appears so desirous of becoming an integral part in the evolving globalization it is willing to truncate its
own sovereignty, attempting to make 'peace' with any and all despicable counterfeit governments, in all probability
will dump Israel for short-term transnational gains, and continue to literally lust after full membership in the
secularized global confederation of nations acomein'.
Secular Spirituality is a counterfeit just as evolution theory is atheism for they deny, defy, and disregard God as The
Supreme Being and Creator of all life.  Scripture reveals that in the
last days there will be great imposters, grand
deceptions and deceit, and false Christ's.  These predictions have ostensibly been somewhere off in the near-far
future, however, they are here in the now and are only increasing in frequency and intensity.
End in-sight
This Commentary is not a doomsday set of scenarios, rather a earnest plea to the reader's (who have not yet come to
know) to understand there is still room at the foot of the Cross.  Room for all that choose to accept Christ's offer of
Grace, salvation, deliverance and eternal life through
belief on His Name,confession and repentance of their sin-nature
and associated sins.
God's scriptural warnings have no currency within cultural humanism, thus, what is preordianed will occur without
understanding by the secular world.  The CIA(6) (3-2009) issued a recent report stating,
"Israel Will Fall in 20
God is considered to be an anathema within the Intelligence community.  If Israel makes it through the next
3-4 years intact, it will be strictly by the Grace of God.
Be of Good Cheer, for He is reaching out to all seeking His face, Kingdom and Righteousness.  
Today is the day of
Seek the spirituality which is only imparted by the Holy Spirit, for mankind's humanistic spirituality will
die with those that hold to it.
Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D
Amen Ministries of Austin
... secular humanism emphasis reason and scientific inquiry, individual freedom and responsibility, human
values and compassion, and the need for tolerance and cooperation.  It presents the case for understanding
the world without reference to a god, and works to separate Church and State and defend the rigthts of people
who do not accept religious beliefs. (5)