Do we know good from evil?
America is searching for a relevant 21st C. National identit'e, and in the absence of a sustaining stalwart-religious identity,
the quasi-political quick-fix is always there.  People are longing for a return to a stable and equitable economic
infrastructure, and in the absence of such assurances, big-government enters the picture with all-four-feet. Traditionally,
the four anchor-points for the American scape have been the economy, religion, government (includes military) and
bicameral political checks-n'-balances.  At the present, the four seem to be all but polarized (49-51%), or exceedingly
overspent, under relentless assault, and/or caught in-between privatized vs. socialistic elixirs for any and all troubles.
Continuum endpoints could be characterized as
Self-correcting financial markets vs. government redistribution of wealth (Marxism).
Cyclical environment changes vs. man-made toxic emissions and pollutants.
Creationism vs. Darwinism.
Military adventurism vs. nationalism.
Moral absolutes vs. choice via situational relativism.
Executive vs. legislative Constitutional powers
Whatever straight-line graph we attempt to plot, for each of the endpoints, there now seems to be shadowy
background-noise that capriciously holds some valance or gravity-pull over the outcome, which was unintended or
unrecognized at the outset.  Enter the 700B
bailout.  Enter the protracted Middle East military campaigns. Enter the
contentious and rancorous political partisanship which dominated the 2008-09 POTUS race.  Enter the ongoing attempts to
purge America of its Judeo/Christian roots and values.  Enter the contemporary
Pied Pipers (link)(1) i.e., political,
economic, religious and government oversight.
Is America losing its bearings and succumbing to the consequences of foisting off, In God We (place our) Trust?  The
Moral Majority
seems to have stepped aside in order to make room for the evolving immoral majority.  America is surely
not alone in its struggle to maintain and hold on to its Christian foundation.  
Time and tide wait for no man, and the
tidal waves of evil intentions are just cresting over the near horizon.  Enter Terrorism in all of its forms and
Evil can exist from without, as well as from within.  America seems to be caught 'twixt the two as it
progressively denies the
absolutes of God and embraces situational relativism and social-progressive modernity. As Pogo
we have seen the enemy and it is us.
Either one is a light source or, by definition, stands in the shadow cast by another illuminant or object in its path.
America's light is dimming in its strongman position of global banking confluence, nuclear superiority, military readiness,
moral standards of conduct. The ubiquitous egalitarianism burgeoning in America is promoting Rights that were never
embedded in the US
Constitution, subsequent Amendments, or Bill of Rights.  Namely, giving Legislative and Judicial
sanction (legal status) to previously codified
illegal acts and behaviors.
When laissez-faire becomes the standard for governance, malevolence will seek its own level of carnal indulgence. The
emerging creedal proclamations of
religious inclusiveness, sanctification without repentance, and relaxation of scriptural
prohibitions are attempting to inexorably alter the integrity of Christian doctrine. Thus enter the
apostate church. The
feigned defense of these heresies rests in the reliance on Matt. 16:18
(2).  To paraphrase, if the gates of hell shall not
prevail against the church
, then by extension, they shall not prevail against "our doctrine". The critical difference here is
Matt. 16:16, "
Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God'. The Church is built and stands upon Christ, the Son of the
living God
, and not on man's convoluted misrepresentation of scripture or its Truth.
Shadows (spiritual) are now appearing upon the ground across America.  Ranging shadows are being cast from forming
cloud systems of coming
tumults and suddenlies.  D'enial is not the name of a river in Egypt.  Mankind's propensity to
deny the obvious and looming catastrophic events prophesized in scripture is approaching its zenith. "Evil" is masquerading
as "
Good" in this time and season(s).
"Sin" is the byproduct of "Evil". Evil (serpent) was in The Garden and spawned Sin to apprehend Adam and Eve.  "Sin"
is running rampant across the landscape of this great nation, like never before.  'Evil' is being called 'Good', and 'Good'
called 'Evil'.  We can witness this on 'the stump' (political rhetoric), in various pulpits, in most all Media communications,
in apostate religious denominations, and even on Wall Street to Main Street. Where does one find The Truth?
There is a story told of a man who is looking for something under a streetlight.  A passer-by asks what he is looking
for.  "My keys," says the man.  The passer-by helps him search for a while, then asks, "Are you sure this is where you
dropped them?'   'Actually,' the man replies, pointing,  '"I dropped them over there."  "Then why are you looking here?"
asks the passer-by.  "Because the light is much better over here," replies the man.
Truth is not only to be found per se, but to be Known through and in Christ Jesus via His Holy Spirit.   Yet, the world
knows Him not, and further refuses to seek His Face, Kingdom, and Righteousness.  The 'church' at-large considers itself
sanctified, without error, and immune to 'deception', in most all  respects.  The coming demonically inspired deceptions
will be adroitly orchestrated, well choreographed, and will deceive many.  Looking for the Truth in the wrong places only
results in further self-deceptions. The antichrist will be the quintessential deceiver.
The parable of the Ten Virgins(3) is often read as a metaphor for the True Church, the "bride-in-waiting" for Christ.
However, one sees that only five of the ten virgin's gain entry to the wedding banquet with the groom..  The remaining
virgin's are termed "foolish" for their lack of preparation. Thus, one could easily deduce the size of the True Church, in
waiting, might very well be much less than it believes itself to be.  One of the primary prophetic touchstones for
understanding the "endtimes" is discernment and awareness of the exponential growth in
Seemingly, unexplainable phenomena are occurring with great regularity.  Crop circles, UFOs, paranormal religious
apparitions, atmospheric illuminations, supposed sightings of primeval-type creatures, feigned miracles, etc.  Add to the
mix Hollywood's obsession with
demonic and horror storylines personifying evil as being acceptable and entertaining, if
good. With this relaxation we have an obvious lessening of  resistance to the dark side in which resides ...
principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness, and wicked spiritual forces in high places(4).
"For apart from the law sin was dead." (Rom. 7:8b).  Or, 'But when the law came, sin came to life in clear definition and
(BSB)  Evil and Sin abounding today are a direct result of mankind abridging the Commandments, precepts,
decrees, and Law(s) of God.  If there are no
Moral Absolutes, as a consequence situational morality reigns supreme.
Thus, enter
cultural relativism, companion of and stepsister to the endtime apostate church.
Lest we forget, the demonic realm has had 6000+ yrs. to perfect, hone and polish endtime deceptions.  These deceptions
specifically aimed at drawing God's Creation away from The Cross and His grace.  Today, entire church denominations
are being swept out into the deep mire and morass of counterfeit interpretations regarding God's inviolate Word.   Its times
like these, when
Pogo must be agonizing over his identification of one of the enemy's, we now face.
We reap what we sow from corrupt seed sown, that comes from disavowing God's supremacy and majesty over all of His
Creation, will only produce bitter and sour fruit.  America is at the winepress of God's judgments, Israel is close behind,
and the unbelieving world unknowingly awaits its
fait accompli.
This is not a commentary of despair, rather a plea to continue to be, or become, one of the five faithful virgin's (True
bride-of-Christ in-waiting) soon to be taken by the Bride Groom (Christ), into the
place He has prepared for her.  The
Biblical Clock points to 11:59, and counting.  The
shadows enveloping the landscape of America are God's warning that
His judgments are arriving, some of which have already begun to manifest.
"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his
(Rom. 8:28).  The good here is God's Good.  The question posed at the top of this commentary is "Do we know
good from evil?"  If one does NOT know the
Good of God, then evil will consume him.  Further, if one does NOT know
the appearance of evil, the appearance of evil will ultimately consume him as well.  In The Garden they knew well the
Good of God, but denied His admonition and became a victim to the cunning and sly deception of the serpent's-evil.
We do not have to become a spoil unto the enemy, a victim of diabolical satanic trickery, nor a causality of the process by
living in the very endtimes.  Be well aware, not only will 'deceptions' increase, but so will 'temptations' and great 'trials' in
the near-days to come. Christ has gone before us and made a way, it is the narrow pathway of His righteousness, for the
broad road leads only to destruction. If you have not chosen Christ, and His Way, then do so at this moment, for we may
not have as many moments remaining as we would wish.
Mark 8:36: "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"
2)  Matt. 16:18 - ".. . and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it". (the Church)
3)  Matt. 25:1-3  - "At that time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to
 meet the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish and five were wise. The foolish ones took their lamps but did not
 take any oil with them."
4)  Eph. 6:12 - "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the
 rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places."
Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D
Amen Ministries of Austin