"Take spiritual authority"
Listen! Listen for the Spirit of the Lord is calling as a voice on the mountain.  Listen to the sweet sound of the
trumpet of the Lord for His voice is saying to proclaim His word, broadcast his gospel across all waters and to
patiently and steadfastly wait upon His coming ... listen to Him
so He may listen to you ... be silent and He will speak
into your heart His wondrous truth, wisdom. and peace.
As the advancing days draw nigh competition will greatly increase for our attention, interests and energies through
worldly enticements, beckoning indulgences and kindled appetites.  Be on your high guard alert for the wiles and
schemes of the enemy will reach new levels of sophisticated deception as the adversary rides on an empowered
spirit of lawlessness.  Do not wait for the backwaters and bilge of social chaos to rise over the tops of your sandals,
instead enter now into effectual and fervent prayer for this land we call America and the Nation of Israel.  Pray that
those in positions of spiritual leadership will
again preach the need for repentance for we have been a lukewarm lot
with our blessings of national prosperity, material abundance and general liberty of religious expression.  The spirit
of lawlessness is even now piping the notes of rebellion into the unsaved youth of this and other nations as never
before... their lawless spirits will demand expression unless staved by the blood of Christ ... terrorists will continue
to release their unprovoked violence with a total disregard for the agony and mayhem they cause ... it is the season
for intercession and a time to stand in the gap for those under siege from the forces of darkness.
Earnestly pray the house of the Lord (the Church) will rise up and take spiritual authority over the forces eroding
away our moral fabric, challenging our religious freedoms and trying to debase the biblical absolutes established in
scripture.  "... judgment must begin at the House of God: and if it first begins with us, what shall the end be for
them that obey not the gospel of God?"
(1 Pet. 4:17)   Do not be surprised when a purging of various religious
enclaves begins ... for this must come to cleanse the Church from worldy influences and indulgences it has
embraced for so long.  Let us further earnestly pray that the Holy Spirit will stop our 'running and turning' long
enough for us to hear the voice of the Lord calling from the mountain to enter His sanctification and reap His
harvest of souls before the close of the age.  Bow and humble yourself before the Lord on His throne and surrender
the remainder of your regenerated life to His purposes and His alone.  The King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only
God ... has chosen those who have accepted and received His redemptive work to be the ones to carry His gospel
of salvation to the unsaved.
If we pause daily to reflect on what Christ Jesus gave of Himself that we (you & I) might be saved to eternal life,
how can we not offer ourselves for His purposes ... for it was through His blood that we abide in His grace.  What
is it we have to do that is more pressing, important or rewarding than to broadcast (sow) the word (seed) of His
gospel, gather in His harvest and worship Him before His throne?  Listen! Listen to the melodic fragrance of the
voice of the Lord for He is calling those the Father has given to the Son ... be sanctified through His word of truth.
There is no higher place for man than to be yielded and knelt down at the footstool of the Lord.  Do not eat all your
seed for the latter rain has yet to fall and it (seed) will be greatly valued in the days to come.  Begin anew in earnest
to take
spiritual authority over the forces that oppose the advancement of His Kingdom of Heaven on earth.  Take
spiritual authority this day or the 'authority in the world' will take ground from your spiritual inheritance, both
individually and corporately.  This is not a time nor season to be spiritually bankrupted!

Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin
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