The tomorrow we so longed for yesterday, has come upon us today.  Biblical time is beginning to loop back upon itself as
the endtime prophetic seasons enter into their manifest periods.  If God finished the end before He began the beginning,
then He knows all things.  He is omnipresent (ever present), omniscient (all knowing), and omnipotent (all-powerful). That
which seems and appears unfamiliar to us, is actually that which He has already spoken to be, in
its good time.(2)
Much of the present-day political rhetoric and whoopla are cast in terms of "we can change the world", "it's only going to
get better", and/or "we are the captains and navigators of our own destinies".  The underlying theme is "MAN can change,
alter, and/or reverse" those significant events occurring in the world and thus take charge of orchestrating all significant
happenings in the near-distant future.  Significant events of which mankind is so fearful (e.g., nuclear war), and
desperately attempting to plan against, can be found in biblical prophetic scripture in both the Old and New Testaments,
Last Days.
Humankind is inexorably positioning itself "behind the eight-ball", so to speak ... a difficult position from which it is
unlikely one can escape
, as God is methodically and progressively removed from much, if not most, of postmodernity [no  
absolutes and no Divine narrative].  The invincibility of America on many fronts is now at international peril and what this
great nation does or does not do in the next eighteen months will chart its course for the next four-plus-four years.  As
Charles Dickens penned,
we live in the worst and best of times, and that balance may/will shift dramatically if America
continues to
fall-away from and deny, In God We (place our) Trust.
If Israel militarily engages Iran (precipitously), America may well not believe itself obligated to enter that fracas for a host
of reasons. Militarily, America cannot sustain a third "war front" with Iraq and Afghanistan still draining our resources,
both in personal treasure and materiel. Israel has become the apex for the Middle Eastern outworking of God's coming
endtime Tribulation Period.  If, and when, America lose God's favor, we will become just like all the other awash
nation/states relying upon the strength of their own sword. The nuclear-sword will become the weapon of choice, yet not
all players have such in their arsenal, yet!  God's admonition in Gen. 6:3, "Then the LORD said, My Spirit will not contend
with man forever ..." is especially cogent in near-days to come. The present USA Administration is methodically distancing
itself from Israel, irrespective of the political rhetoric emanating from Washington.
The secular world is goading America to live in its past, without even knowing the why or havnig a modest clue as to the
immediate outcomes. The prophetic
Tomorrow is being birthed today, yet we are attempting to deal with today in the same
manner as we did with
yesterday. The manner in which America dwelt with yesterday's challenges resulted in phenomenal
results, but today's
gaming board has changed, as have the players and the territories in dispute.  The progressive forfeiture
of God's
Absolutes, in American culture/society, will drag us into the same amoral abyss as one now finds in the European
Community.  Amorality, and religious secularism, are the fertile breeding grounds for
tares of the coming antichrist.
We know from scripture a universal religious consortium will form and usher in the nebulous religious contrivances of the
antichrist.  God's scriptural absolutes, precepts, and decrees must be nullified and replaced with a situational-type
justice based on a social relativism hierarchy for the universal ecumenical religious order, to prevail.  For the prophetic
Tomorrow to orderly interface with the emerging today, its primary aspects must begin in the supernatural before it arrives
... thus, today we see many of its aberrations occurring, most all of which are antagonistic to God's commandments.
In many respects, America has mortgaged the future, in order to expense/afford present indulgences, while the same
future is in a national debt free-fall.  The American economy, military, and technological innovation have been all but
unassailable in the global market place, until recently.  Our august secular political leadership does not seem to know the
prophetic times in which we live,(3)  much less seek to understand the outworking of God's endtime Plan for humanity.(4)
We read in scripture, the prophetic Tomorrow will be a Godless tomorrow, save a proliferia of pinchbeck religious
persuasions and the
universal religious ecumenism of the antichrist, and his False Prophet.(5)  This universal ecumenism is
in its early formative stages, in part, via the World Council of Churches, National Council of Churches and the Vatican, et
al.  Even Bush 43 made the heretical statement in 2003, "we all worship the same god ... and pray to the same god".  This
is known as the
doctrine of inclusiveness.  Namely, all 'gods' are the same; we just call them by different names.  Some
believe Bush 43 made these two statements for the purpose of "political expediency" in an attempt to assuage the welling
Islamic "religious intolerance" evidencing in the Middle East. Others hold that Bush 43 believes these dictums.  Which ever
way, they are
apostasia.(6)  The current POTUS is espousing the same, if not, even more intransigent apostasies.
The prophetic Tomorrow is not just over the near horizon, it is here in-the-now, and unless we understand that realization
Tomorrow will become our Yesterday, without a distinction.  Again, the distinction must be In God We (place our)
Trust.  For if our Trust continues to ostensibly be in JDAMS, diplomacy, and the almighty dollar, we will surely reap what
we sow, if we are not already doing so.  America has had a preeminent place in the outworking of God's endtime Plan for
the 20th and the beginning of the 21st C., let us not forfeit His remaining blessings by casting aside our reliance on His
Absolutes and not embracing His Tomorrow, rather than that of secular mankind.
Once the tapestry of endtime prophecy begins to unravel, there will be no stopping it.  Yesterday, today and tomorrow will
become a collage of misshapen events and happenings.  Without the
compass rose of Christ, we are blind ships passing in
the night navigating by chance.  Drop your
anchor in the solid rock of Christ Jesus, our unshakable Hope,(7) and He will
fasten you against any and all tumultuous storms coming against mankind as the prophetic
Tomorrow comes upon us all.
Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin
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