Gnosticism: Religious and philosophical movement popular in the Roman world ... 2nd-3rd century AD.  The term based
on the Greek
gnosis ("secret knowledge") was liberally applied to ancient Christian heretical sects, early
'Christian'-paganism,  and those who sought salvation through esoteric revelation and mystical spirituality.[Britann.]
As the endtime apostasia(1) advances, the falling away from the gospel of Christ Jesus will create gaping holes in
Christendom.   These ever-increasing fissures are presently being filled, in part, with a variety of counterfeit (Christian)
ministries and a set of popular neo-Gnostic religious persuasions. Scripture reveals a
Universal Ecumenism will emerge, at
the beginning of the second half of the Tribulation Period, which will attempt to coalesce all disparate religious
denominations/persuasions into a cohesive whole. The World Council of Churches (WCC) and the National Council of
Churches (NCC) are already planning for such an event, along with several ecumenical-centered 'christian' sects
Two contemporary examples of neo-Gnostic religious persuasions are (a) Scientology which backdrops itself into a
science nomenclature and (b) the Oprah Church which blends spirituality with New Age contrivances.  The technology
employed by both movements is significantly different, yet the objectives of
self-actualization, a higher consciousness and
introspective narcissism are cut from the same piece of whole cloth.  The Judeo-Christian God is nowhere to be found in
these religious convictions, as is equally not apparent in most all neo-Gnostic religious practices.  We read regarding the
latter days in Matt. 24:24, "
For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders;
insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect"
... these then, are some of those. (sic)
A few common characteristics and beliefs evident in neo-Gnostic religious offerings:
      Laicization: To be free from ecclesiastical control, to secularize, to change to quasi-lay status.
      Neo-Gnostics as a rule, believe "faith is inferior to knowledge".  Secret, exclusive, transcendent Knowledge is only capable of
      revealing god, and the only channel for
redemption (self-forgiveness). This represents a maxim, as well as an axiom in neo-
      Gnostic thinking.
      Counterfeit 'christian' sects most always revere a human as the exalted-spiritual and titular-head of the religious
      order.  These individuals can be 'self-ordained', nominated by ballot, in a dynasty-line of succession and/or allegedly
      Neo-Gnostic forgiveness without atonement. Confession of inadequacy is presented as a sufficient remedy for sin and
      wrongdoing.   Christian
atonement is considered as paganism.  Counterfeit 'christian' sect's mix--match various forms of s
/ reconciliation (atonements).
      Spiritual Freedom may be seen in a cosmic rather than a moral context -- to be set-free, from the surly-bonds of the natural,
      is to be enabled to return to an imagined deification beyond this world. (Ã  la Heaven's Gate Cult, Jonestown, Mystic
      Reincarnation, contemporary Communal enclaves, and
spirits (pl.) enabled transformation etc.). The possession of
knowledge can bring transformation, as well as ritualistic practices and 'works'.
      Seeking of enlightenment through inward knowledge vs. outward belief. Transcendental (Eastern TM) vs. scriptural
      impartation of  "Truth".
      Jon Hannum ( has coined these sects as "Inkblot Religions", i.e., the projection of the self into
secretive revelation and imparted knowledge under a rubric of exclusivity.  There are counterfeit
      'christian' ministries that fall into this classification, as well as techno-Gnostic doctrines (technology driven religious-
Institutional-Gnosticism is operating openly in many of our liberal Institutions of Higher Learning and sadly to say, in
several well known far-left of center denominational Seminaries.  New Age-like existentialism
(2, 3) is overwhelming
academic social science and cultural/political studies in many state supported universities, as well as private colleges. Our
nation of
In God We Trust is being transformed, in so many respects, by in technology we place our confidence, on
government entitlements we rely, and the ever increasing promotion of ubiquitous
political correctness. Better to be
politically correct than obnoxiously moral!
In these endtimes, Another Pied Piper(4) is cavalierly strolling through our cities, around the countryside, and across this
nation seducing many to follow him over the precipice of apostasia
(1).  "Religious" as well as political "Pipers" offer peace,
change and deliverance, yet bring destruction and chaos.
(See 4 )
This Commentary comes as from a Watchman on the Wall(5).  Darwin's humanism is frontally assaulting God's
Creationism.  Intelligent Design is being banned from the public education curricula, public expression of Judeo-Christian
practices/beliefs are being legally curtailed, and God's scriptural absolutes are being subrogated by
social-progressive-relativism.  These are the beginning signs of the endtimes.  We read in Dan. 12:4,
"But you, Daniel,
shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase."
["A time of astonishing mobility and momentous increase of knowledge was forecast for the last days."] (BSB)  This
explosion of knowledge can be seen in secular (technology) advancements, as well as increased revelation of God's Word.
The same controlling-spirits which were present in first century Gnosticism, are the same one's purveying the
neo-Gnosticism of today.  Technology has the allure of making the counterfeit seem less objectionable when it is used  to
increase knowledge, in both secular and religious dimensions. Readily available advances in today's digital technology are
as seductive and alluring as any competitive trend we have seen in the 20th and 21st C.  Various church growth seminars
have a mantra of
go digital or you will be gone.  The worship of the digital-age, and its prosperity, are salient parts of the
the endtime latter-days.
If you find yourself listening on Sunday mornings, as well as to various television ministry broadcasts, to the pandering of a
sinless Gospel, bloodless Gospel void of  the need for redemption, and/or a ministry predominately focused on
self-actualization / self-accumulation ... then you have stumbled into the endtime apostasia.  Get out
now, and search out a
bible driven, faith based, and Christ centered Church which has as its primary goal to enlarge the Kingdom of God
(conversions) on earth in these final days, and that does not  necessarily equate to church growth in numbers, as so many
tend to believe.
Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin
(1) apostasia - 2 Th. 2:3
(2) Diagrammatical - NewAge/Cultic and Humanism
(3) NewAge Premier -
(4) Another Pied Piper -
(5) Watchman - Ezk. 33:6
     The 'knowledge' through which spiritual freedom comes is a process of self-discovery, self-realization, and expanded
self-awareness each neo-Gnostic has to experience.   The emphasis is on the self as the center of all things being of
    Division of followers into 'classes' of e.g., ordinary, advamced and superior beings of worth.