Time Squared² (The Next Generation)?

Time Squared
The fanciful and popular Star Trek series captioned the 39th episode as “Time Squared” (i.e.,
a doubling of a character from the future into the present).  As John the Baptist was a
[3] heralding the first advent of Jesus Christ, so we find other foregoers who can be
imagined to foreshadow the coming of the antichrist into the near present.  There have been
historical figures, e.g., Nero and Hitler, who were considered, by many, to embody the
biblical characteristics of the antichrist-figure. However, the revealed son-of-perdition (lawless
one) has yet to make his appearance on the world stage, in a manifest presence. There are
those who believe they discern individuals who clearly evidence and portray an antichrist-type
persona, yet do not conform to the full (exemplified) nefarious and abject evil of the biblical
“man of lawlessness”.
(2Th. 2:3)  It is apparent there are several present-day individuals who
seem to be making-a-way for the coming antichrist.  Further, by preparing regional-political
strongholds and forming military and territorial alliances which are expected to shape the
infrastructure for the antichrist’s geopolitical hegemony. Biblical “Time” is gaining upon itself,
the future seems to be rushing, if not catapulting into the present!
What is truly amazing is the number of individuals who have become so easily wheedled,
seduced, and hoodwinked into woefully embracing the beguiling oratory of these forerunners.  
It does not take a rocket-surgeon to discern the insidious evidence of the Christian God being
foisted out of the c
enter most place in America’s trust(4), and being replaced by secular-
relativism packaged inside of social-progressivism. Time is squaring itself with the eschatology
of God’s endtime Plan
(5).  Prophetic events, once seen as being far far over the distant
horizon, are now being steadfastly fulfilled through God’s outworking, as we speak. From the
viewpoint of God’s timetable, the forecast and prophesied events set out in
Matt. 24:3-14(6) are
right on schedule and increasing in number, frequency and ferocity.  Most regrettably,
soothsayers and "we're
OK diatriber's" are lulling America into a sense of national
complacency and denial of our deteriorating moral, economic, and Christian-centered nation.  
America cannot spend its way out of a
12 trillion national debt!  Nevertheless, there are those
in leadership positions in America who are drumming that economic elixir on many a corner.  
Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.  Time is not on the world’s side, squared or otherwise.  
Neither can America progressively foist out the God of the Bible and not expect to reap the
dire consequences of being on the outside of God’s endtime Plan.
[Eph. 1:10] (5)
New Age revisited
New Agers have borrowed a term from the Social Sciences, which implies a primary and
swift change in a status quo, i.e.,
paradigm shift.   The New Age ideologies are notoriously
anti-Christian, steeped in transcendentalism and oftentimes Eastern mysticism.  The Star Trek
series is marinated in New Age-type genre, yet many Americans are self-style cult “Trekies”
and seek out a virtual world vs the natural, here and now, and/or that which is to come!  

The AVATAR epic is becoming a new twenty-thirtysomething rallying epi-point.  AVATAR and
the TV-series 'V' are two of the more open sagas portraying superordinate creatures (read
demonic) as "friendlies" to mankind.  Hollywood is preparing the way for popular acceptance
of "darksided" beings to commingle with the human race.  The objectives here are to spin
their "good intentions" as to enable acceptance of the coming antichrist's delusional exploits.  
Emphasis here being, as the world becomes progressively more dangerous, costly,
unpredictable, and at times radicalized
, the self-controllable virtual environment offers a
pseudo retreat from imagined and/or perceived dangers.  Christianity with its steadfast
emphasis on faith, belief, Christ, the Word, repentance, and the gospel has recently been
termed, by some, as an also-ran contender for fulfilling an individual’s hope, trust, answers
for living, and plan for eternal life.  Several traditional denominations have entered the
apostasia as they fall away from biblical Christianity, its absolutes and Truth.  These apostate
denominations are compromising the Gospel and scriptural admonitions for their followers in
an effort to remain socially relevant, even to the degree of denying God’s moral judgment.
Squaring the Circle
2 Tim. 4:3(6) is now in observable fulfillment while the traditional Christian Church attempts to
stem the outflow of restless congregates.  Meanwhile, Christianity at-large continues to be
under relentless attack from a renewed humanism and secular agnosticism.  The attempted
squaring of the eternal circle of Christianity, by secular-centered postmodernism, is coming
into full swing as time awaits the introduction of the antichrist, his regional-government
empire, and companion universal religious ecumenism. Star Trek got it wrong in heralding the
“Next Generation”, when from a biblical point of view we are facing being the “last
generation”, before the Millennial Reign of Christ commences.  So much for virtual reality
and fanciful escapism.   
Denial is not a river in Egypt, that’s The Nile
Antisemitism, the developing apostate church, and anthropomorphic religious orders are
blitzing across the globe.  These maneuverings will constitute the basis for the formation of a
universal ecumenical church, in the not too distant days.
   Don’t be too avant-garde religious and be swept-up into endtime apostate religious frenzies.
   Don’t be too smart
and be deluded by cunning nefarious contrivances from the dark side
   Don’t be too gullible to swallow whole bureaucratic-like rhetoric that “we gonna fix-it”.
   Don’t be too self-confident to believe you cannot be deceived by endtime false signs.
Media sensationalism of crop circles, UFO’s, religious apparitions, hauntings, guru-like
religious pied pipers, and the ilk, more likely than not, have discernible associations with  
[G1140] influences, if not outright empowerments.  A pervasive welling denial that
God is on His Throne and bringing about His endtime prophetic events is undeniable.  The
world is deep into postmodernism.
  Modernism is defined as: "The enlightenment-humanist rejection of tradition and authority in favour   
  of reason and natural science. This is founded upon the assumption of the autonomous individual as    
  the sole source of meaning and truth--the Cartesian cogito."  Modernism is that which is cut off from
  the Divine, the Transcendent, or the 'Supernatural', everything that does not refer to - and is isolated
  from - the immutable principles which in reality govern all things and which are made known to man
  through revelation in its most universal sense
  Postmodernism is the name for the general quality of our time. It holds that all worldviews are
  constructed by historical processes, by culture and religion, so postmodernism sees those worldviews     
  as a function of power rather than truth.  Charles Upton has shown in postmodernism it is always
  held (as a conviction or belief ?!) that:
(1) there is no Grand Design, (2) truth is plural and ultimately
(3) reality is only as it is configured, (4) there is nothing out there but chaotic
Without further definitions, modernism (post- or otherwise), is antithetical to Christianity, yet
is the burgeoning belief system in the
21st C., along with several enlarging radicalized religious
strongholds. Evolution vs Creationism, environmentalism vs energy sourcing, secularism vs
Orthodoxy are all vying for ‘their place in the sun’ as the endtimes arrive upon us.  So sadly,
it is not about a ‘place in the sun’, but a place ‘with the Son’ that so many are unable to
“That which has been is what will be”
As Time prepares to loop back upon itself, with the second coming of Christ, mankind has
either chosen to follow Him, or go the way of the world and the coming antichrist.  Those
who have chosen the later, will be squared out of Christ’s redemptive Salvation by their own
choice.  God will not strive nor contend with humankind for ever
(Gen. 6:3), our remaining time
in this dispensation is nauseatingly short, to say the least.  What
was is what is, and what is is
will be.   (“That which has been is what will be, That which is done is what will be
done, And there is nothing new under the sun”.)
[Eccl. 1;9]
As we approach the Tribulation Period, and all of the vagaries associated with those
judgments, the sharing of the Gospel has never been more Time critical than it is this day, and
tomorrow.  If you are saved, share it with as many as possible, if not saved, find someone
who is and ask them to lead you to The Cross of Christ.  
  “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift
  of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.”
(Eph. 2:8)

Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin


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