Time is a seminal concept throughout biblical discourse, e.g., seven days of creation, (7) "Jacob's trouble" (seven years) (8),
Daniel's Seventy weeks (490 yrs), Millennial Reign (1000 yrs.), etc.  A person believes there is a sovereign God, who is
Creator of the Universe and beyond, and who is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, or he/she does not!  Otherwise,
we live in a chance probability universe.
What a man believes, in significant measure, guides what he can come to know, and at times vice versa.  Those who do not
have an eschatological (biblical world view of endtime events, final things) mind-set struggle to make rational sense out of
present-day geopolitical war-like events, tragic domestic happenings, and forthcoming global calamities.  Without the
eschatology they must attempt to understand through a process of trial-n-error, insipid denial, and/or secular rationalizations.
Is America being systematically disabled?
It does not take a rocket-surgeon to discern the undeniable tearing of America's democratic fabric, the eroding of our
economy's solvency, the rapid embrace of liberal relativism and its sinkhole situational morality.  The present political
leadership majority in America is hotly pursuing a
null hypothesis that reads-like:
America's financial/economic woes are not the result of insufficient Congressional regulatory oversight, doleful legislation
absence of checks-n-balances, and/or legislator sponsored appropriation boondoggles. Rather, the collapsing infrastructure
is a consequence of intervening and mitigating circumstances from which we can spend our way out of and return back to
a national creditworthy status in four years, or less.
The spate of social-spending "initiatives" and stimulus "incentives" being launched by the current majority political alliance,
and authorized by the sitting majority leadership in Congress, will be America's economic Achilles' heel (6.8-to-9.3 Trillion
rolling debt service).  At the time of this Commentary, the average out-year projected per capita share of this debt is
$161,000+, for a family of three (AAS).
America is not down for the count, however, its destabilized and woefully insufficient reserve capacities to weather-thru yet
unforeseen critical-mass "meltdowns" are not sufficient, in comparison to a decade ago.  The present Administration has bet
the entire kit-n-caboodle on its unsustainable reconciliation model to assuage an economically ravenous five-headed goliath
economy, healthcare, energy, education, and military readiness.
The United States is most regrettably attempting to reinvent itself as it goes forward with a 'spending' crisis management
paradigm. Such a stratagem is a model of desperation, if not naive and perilous circumstantial problem solving. You don't
punt on first down. Once America's newly secularized culture began to foist God out of "In God We (place our) Trust", it
set in motion its
fait accompli. That is a difficult and extraordinarily unpopular statement to make, yet its manifestation is
broadcast nightly on all cable television channels.
Another editorial-like doomsday scenario?  Not. Rather, the outworking of God's endtime Plan (6) of Redemption, severely
chastening America for it emerging
apostasia, bringing Israel into its positioned place during God's last-day purposes, and
preparing unrepentant mankind for His wrath.
The identifiable enemies of America are for the immediate time distractions to screen the geopolitical positioning of forces
infested with coming anti-Christ type powers. America's quasi-political revamping (change) is in the service of preparing this
great nation for its endtime place in the days leading up to the Rapture of the Church (end of the Church Age), and the
following days of the Tribulation Period.  America has crossed a prophetic threshold from which there is no way back -
irrespective of how fervently the secular media hypes our all but immediate full-scale recovery.  They have to sell their
unsourced dream to maintain broadcast ratings and sustainable advertising.  Salvation, redemption and eternal life are still
available to those open to seeking Christ Jesus as their Lord, repent of their sins, and willingly enter into His Kingdom on
earth, soon to be translated into the Kingdom of Heaven.
Are we now approaching the endtime of prophetic fulfillment?
With the return of the Diaspora in 1948 (the dispersion of Jews outside of Israel from the sixth century B.C.) the prophetic
clock passed a benchmark that brings the eschatological timetable into play.  We are now beginning to see accelerated
outworking of identifiable prophetic (scriptural) events hitherto, not seen under any circumstances.  The secular/agnostic
world casts off such revelation as merely
historical chance probabilities that are to be expected, in a globalize time
compression leading to a reordering of geopolitical powers.  It that just commonplace denial, doublethink, and/or new-political
doublespeak?  Yes!
Even with all of the skepticism, media guffaw, and secular disdain, the scientific community has moved the Doomsday Clock
to five minutes before midnight. Midnight being the hour that initiates the beginning of ICBM exchange among various
geopolitical nuclear powers in the West, East, and Middle East [Google-it]. The first nuclear exchange will move he clock to
thirty seconds to midnight.  To answer the question asked above, all one has to do is listen to the hoof beat sounds of the
4-Horsemen coming from just over the near-far horizon.
Restriction to open internet access, right-to-own arms, travel freedoms, accumulation of personal wealth, tax
deductions, several 1st Amendment Rights
curtailments, and the economic digital world (cashless society) ... are all in
the near-immediate offing.  The current Administration, and leadership in both Houses of Congress, are in a pell-mell
rush to legislate ubiquitous powers, authorities and controls over almost all commerce, monetary transactions and
holdings (corporate and private lending and borrowing), military acquisitions, certain personal liberties, religious
expressions, et al., ad nauseum.  America will be
Globalized, like it or not!  When one votes for change they best know,
and fully understand, the type-n-kind of
change in the mind's of those they place in power.  The die has been cast, the
question is, how do we survive it all
Nano-moment where time collapses in upon itself.
(The past intersects the future, in the immediate present --- zero time collapse - phys.) (2)
What biblical reference would seem to sustain such an assertion?  Rev. 1:8 -
"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning
and the End." says the Lord, "who is and was and who is to come, the Almighty."  
The "new investigative science" (2) is
postulating this same
time collapse occurred as well, at the moment of Christ's death as seen in the double body imagery held
in the Shroud of Turin (image of Christ imprinted on both sides of the Shroud).  A third Nano-moment collapse could be
envisioned in Eph. 1:9-10.
"Having made known unto us the mystery of His will, according to His good pleasure which He hath purposed in
: That in the dispensation of the fulness of times He might gather together in one all things in Christ, both
which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in Him".
Again, the unbelieving secular world is in all but total dismissal of such divine revelation.  If God is a figment (creation) of
mankind's imagination, by extension, He is as easily disposed of as He was supposedly conjured-up. God's significant
time-relevant events, e.g.,
twinkling of an eye (9) leave little or no opportunity for man to change his wrongful decisions. The
Rapture will occur in a nano-second (or less), otherwise termed twinkling of an eye.
When confronted with mankind's need for a Savior, and His redemptive-salvation, most often secular man will retort, "I'll just
get to that  if and when it seems really necessary".  Once man stands before the White  Throne Judgment, there are no
options or
Grace remaining, it is a fait accompli.  The remaining time unrepentant man has before God's release of His endtime wrath is
strictly held in the time
period of remaining Grace, which can expire tomorrow.  God's Grace is not a lottery where mankind
may participate when moved to take a risk, and chance prevails
God lives outside of Time (3rd Heaven), yet is in full control and authority over Time, its duration and consequences.  God is
infinite; time on the other hand is a finite concept-relative term.  God and His time are not to be trifled with, for He controls the
suddenlies, the infinitesimal, as well as when such events occur.
It would appear from scripture mankind has one more time collapse staring him square in the face, Christ's Second Advent.  
There are those which will transcend time (eternal life), and those which will be buried within it.  Prayerfully, you have already
made that seminal choice and if not, make it this hour.
Demonic forces, creatures, diabolic beings.
Confabulated (to replace fact with fantasy) Hollywood scripts are appearing in a flux of extraterrestrial (alien), supernatural,
demonic, ghoulish, and fantastico terror motion pictures (as well as  television serials).  These productions are taking significant
box office proceeds, are being marketed to the 'now generation', and are attempting to make the bizarre and deviant all but
commonplace.  So what, one may ask?  Answer, as the deviate becomes
chic the resistance to further abominable manifestations
will be less objectionable, and they are surely being scripted in these days and times..
The media buzz regarding crop circles has died away over the past several years.  UFO's are more a subject for alien-centric
films than a serious source of concern as to their origin.  Marian (Mother Mary) apparitions have been around for eighty years
plus, and still draw millions to supposedly holy sites for sought-after supernatural blessings.  Such aberrations are
demonic in
.  That is a strong statement to make and will be loudly denounced by true believers in such phenomenon.  The time of
endtime deceptions is well upon us.
We read in scripture that during the endtime days there will be loosed great deceptions and counterfeit manifestations, to deceive
even the
elect, if that were possible. (10) Many of the coming deceptions will be distractions occurring in nature, geopolitical
government realignments, religious denomination upheavals ...  in order to misdirect the secular populous from the encroaching
anti-Christ systems of governance, transnational economics, military hegemonies, and a forming universal religious ecumenism.
The systemic framework of the anti-Christ's controlling authorities is already being crafted (e.g., G20) and, in part unknowingly,
furthered by prominent political leaders across the globe. The individuals, who do not believe in Satan and his demonic realm,
will never see the coming subterfuges and power-grabbing stratagems, already in blueprint.  Nor will they be aware of the
extraordinary cunning and allure of Satan's savory (fleshly) indulgences and sensory intoxications.
Even in this day, one can readily deduce the approaching one-world monetized economy (G20 / G5), the encroachment of a
global ecumenism (via Rome), nuclearized rogue states (i.e., Iran, N. Korea, Pakistan), and the rapidly advancing realignment of
governmental entities (i.e., EU) -- all as forewarned in prophetic scripture.  The anticipated ten global (regional)
can not be far behind.  First sign of the 10-zonal regions is America's sponsorship of "International Norming" ... e.g.,
consideration currently being voiced towards forfeiture of America's monetary sovereignty (G20 / 2009) in order to achieve
global parity.
Not a Doomsday scenario per se, rather an acknowledgment and recognition of God outworking His endtime eschatology in the
face of a progressively
apostatizing world.  America has begun a new fawning political conversation --- a systemic
social-secular-narrative. The emerging populous libertine movement in America is about to butt up against a new government
centrality.  As these two forces lock horns, the resultant consequences could very well position America for great civil unrest
and leave it vulnerable to a cadre of opportunistic international
man-made disasters (otherwise known as terrorism, both
ideological and transnational)
. An apropos axiom here might read - know well what you place your trust in, for when the
top-n-bottom collapse simultaneously, that locus of trust is what will be there for you
There surely is
Hope, Hope in the Blessed Hope [see Titus 2:13].
Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin

The Fabric of Time
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For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and miracles to   
    deceive the elect -- if that were possible.  So be on your guard; I have tody you everything ahead of
Is America becoming systematically 'disabled' to the extent it will not be able to recover its economic, political, and
pinnacle military standing among world powers?
Is prophetic scripture now approaching its time of final eschatological fulfillment?
Is there, has there ever been, will there ever be an infinitesimal Nano-moment where time collapses in upon itself and
the past intersects the future, in the immediate-present?
Is God now revealing certain mysteries in His
Creation and His Universe, just before He looses His Wrath on
unrepentant humankind?
Are the bowels of the earth soon to be opened in order to release a horde of demonic forces, satanic creatures, diabolic
beings charged with the task of wreaking havoc and destruction upon
tribulation mankind?