'Be not an unsuspecting moth'
Let us call upon the 'Prince of Life'(1), the 'Captain of our Salvation'(2), the 'Branch of our Righteousness'(3)  and
the 'Lord of Hosts'
(4) for our strength in these days and the one's to come.  Lord we pray you will pour your
healing waters over the bruises and wounds which do not seem to heal in the hearts of so many this day ... mend
the brokenness of those in the body of Christ which carry the silent agony of loss from yesteryear and continually
find themselves unable to be free from the bygone snares of the fowler.  Let us daily water our soul's from the
wellspring of God's word and drink deep from the ladle of truth, that comes from the hand of Christ, through the
ministering of the Holy Spirit.  The Lord will guide, protect and provide for those that seek Him during their time
in the 'valley of life' (times of trouble) as well as on the 'mountain top' (times of blessing).  Jesus is the 'Lily of the
valleys' and the lily grows in the valley!  You will come to know Him in the
valleys of your life like no other
place!  One of the several ways Jesus characterized His ministry on earth is set out in the writings of Luke ...
"The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to
proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the
year of the Lord's favor"
(Lk. 4:18).  As disciples in Christ we are a chosen vessel He is desirous of using to bring
His gospel message of salvation, peace, deliverance, forgiveness and eternal life to the present-day generation.  
This current generation is running a close parallel in history to the generation just before the great flood of Noah's
day (where lawlessness, random acts of violence and flesh-driven pursuits abound)
(see Gen. 6:11,12).
God's forgiveness predates mistakes we have made, are making and will make in our efforts to live in this world,
yet not become a part of it
(Jhn. 17:14-19).  The gracious gift of forgiveness is only bestowed on those which meet
His precondition of belief and trust in His name and all that it represents.  The generation that is facing the return
of the Lord is becoming more and more polarized into 'believers' and 'all others'.  Great fervor is beginning to
develop in the 'all others' camp with the surfacing of newly established ecumenical coalitions, posturing from
traditional religious strongholds, and the emergence of quasi-Christian-type movements that show only the
trappings of 'Christianity'.  Our prayers in these days should include a zealous plea for discernment to perceive the
counterfeit and the strength to resist the deceptions from the enemy; such deceptions are already being spun into
webs of allure and entrapment for the unsuspecting.  Be not an
unsuspecting moth seduced by the flame of
curiosity and enticement; be not drawn away from the truth of Jesus Christ and His commandments for living,
loving and serving His purposes.  An end-time judgment is now being brought on to the House(s) of God
(5) with
the uncovering of licentiousness, lasciviousness, convoluted gospel teachings, self-serving prosperity-centered
ministries and a host of other contrived and imitation 'christian-type' movements.  False gods, their duplicitous
prophets, 'false-fire' spiritual manifestations are appearing
(see Matt. 24:24)  and other deceptions, prophesied by
Christ, are now evidencing their plan and purpose to destroy any and all Judeo-Christian beliefs and practices.  
These are the days spoken of
(Matt. 24:24) where even the 'elect' have the potential to be deceived ... be not an
unsuspecting moth drawn to 'false-fire' by  flames of  deceptive religious 'shinings'.  We should not be too
surprised if/when "In God We Trust" is removed from our currency, as He is being exorcised from most all public

Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin
(1) Acts 3:15  (2) Heb. 2:10  (3) Jer. 23:5-6  (4) Isa. 10:16  (5) 1 Per. 4:16
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