"Now learn a parable of the fig tree; when his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that
summer is nigh:  so likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the  doors."
[Matt. 24:32]   In Hosea 9:10 and  Joel Chap. 1, God refers to Israel as a (My) fig tree.  The nation of Israel
certainly has  'blossomed'  (leaves)  since 1948 and now occupies a  stage-center  position  in  Middle
Eastern and international  affairs.   The change of political guard in May '99  brought a new set of  vineyard
keepers (i.e., Barak) to the continuing saga of political rift and civil instability throughout Israel.  2008/9
witnessed Netanyahu reemerge as head of Likud and now PM.  Netanyahu in all likelihood will steward
Israel into and through the Ps. 83 war and the following Islamic Ezk.38 & 39 invasion.
The entrenched 'no  land  for  peace' position, strongly articulated  by the (Netanyahu)  Likud  Party, will  
most  likely  be  replaced  by a  hastily  negotiated peace accord  between the PLO-et al. factions and the
most recent Likud lead coalition government.  The event setout in Dan. 9:27 of a counterfeit  covenant  being   
confirmed between Israel and the Islamic factions,  now looms like a great coming tumult over Zion.  Even
though this false-accord will portend  to bring
a designated 'peace' between opposing factions we know from
scripture the inherent fallacy in this ruse.  
Spiritual Time is 11:59 and counting.(1)
Only The Prince of Peace  will be able to bring and establish peace to finally nullify the chaotic events that
seem to be escalating and encompassing  mankind  on  all  sides.  We would  do well to read Luke 21:28-37
and  re-commit  to taking the gospel of Christ to the dying and unsaved world ... in saying so, we will  need
to increase  our going-out and coming-in from  behind  the  stainedglass and  four corners of  the
'safe-houses' in which we worship.  It  will  probably  take a divine move of God  to stimulate  most  
'believers'  to share the gospel daily with someone they don't know.
Don't wait to begin your last-days evangelism or God will  have to 'divinely' rouse  you  out of a bed of com-
placency. [See Rev. 3:14-22]   The  'fig  tree'  is  
now baring the fruit which was prophesied in the new and
old testaments, during the last-days!  "Now is the day
(time) of salvation". [II Cor. 6:2]   The parable of the
Ten Virgins
[Matt. 25:1-13] is considered to be an allegory of those who will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, due
to their faithfulness, and those who will not due to their foolishness (unfaithfulness).  What
spiritual time is
?, He is at the door!

Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin
Middle Eastern "Arab/Islam" is rapidly advancing towards its eschatological finality as it plots and strategizes
the demise of Israel, as a Jewish State.  America continues to spend itself in military adventurism and
campaigns which seemingly have no real 'victory' or WII-type outcomes (surrender).  America's great
blueprint through foreign military endeavors has become a compromised 'outcome' for failed
democratization of tribal peoples who are
willingly bound by religious ideological tyrannies.   
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