Wrecked Work
At times things we have worked for and achieved have become 'wrecked' for 'no apparent' reason. Investment gains
are suddenly lost, relationships are shipwrecked, plans mysteriously dissolve, afflictions come or opportunities
(1)  It is surely a blessing and good thing an instant cause-and-effect relationship does not exist between our
unrighteous behavior and God's judgment; as it did with Ananias and Sapphira in the fifth chapter of the Book of
(2)  If instant judgment for unrighteous acts was exercised in the natural realm, most of us would probably not be
alive today. The 'sin' of Ananias and Sapphira involved personal greed, deception, misrepresentation, lying to and
temping of the Holy Spirit.
(2)  The personal associations we have with others, business affiliations, church ties, and
even our casual involvement with passing acquaintance's are all a part of the mix that reflect aspects of our character
and values. When we know there is 'sin' in the church (e.g., idolatry), illegal practices operating in business affiliations
(e.g., tax evasion) or questionable behaviors among acquaintances (e.g., adultery) do we not think such associations
have little or no baring on our spiritual well being?  "Well we just can't be responsible for the behavior of other people,
I am not his keeper"
: this may be true in some measure, but we certainly can be responsible for our own behavior in
relation to known unrighteousness. When we associate ourselves with known unrighteous influences operating in e.g.,
employment settings, religious ministries, political arenas, business dealings, interpersonal associations, etc., we open a
door to the wiles
(3), snares, schemes and trappings of the enemy. An enemy which lurks about to kill, steal and
(4) our "righteousness from God through faith in Jesus Christ."(5)  The principle here is that our affiliations and
associations with others, be they righteous or unknowingly unrighteousness, have consequences associated with them
in 'our relationship to God'.
In the II Chronicles(6)  account of Jehoshaphat's affiliation with two unrighteous Kings, God spoke through a prophet
saying, "... Because thou hast joined thyself (made alliance) with Ahaziah, the LORD hath broken (destroyed) thy
works. And the ships were broken (wrecked), that they were not able to go ...."[kvj (Niv)]. Jehoshaphat exhibited
flawed judgment in his affiliation with the two unrighteous King's. God was patient, watchful and forbearing before He
released His judgment. Our 'works' can be 'wrecked' by our own impaired judgment of association even if we are not
the one practicing unrighteousness. There is a consequence known as 'guilt by association'; "The attribution of guilt to
individuals because of the people or organizations with which they associate, rather than because of any proven crime
that they have committed.
"(7)  The literal courage it takes to 'walk away' from unrighteous people and circumstances
can be great, especially if they involve or have significant influence in our life. In the coming days, there most likely
will be increased opportunity for these type choices and
decisions of association to be made. Jehoshaphat had God's
grace to make his decision to remain or depart. Jehoshaphat repented of a previous unrighteous association, God gave
him favor and Jehoshaphat entered into another similar unrighteous relationship and God 'wrecked his ships'.
Our sins of 'unrighteous association' reflect on the One we serve (the work of the servant is a 'praise' or 'shame' to the
Master of the House) and His name is held up to question by unbelievers, if He does not chasten the ones He loves.
Men often judge one another by their works and the proceeds or gain that accrue from them. God and His word are
a " ... discerner of the thoughts and intentions (attitudes) of the heart"
(10)  and "He will reward each person according
to what he has done."
(10)   With these encouragement's in mind we should make every effort to audit our associations
and relationships so that they are (a) not gateways to unrighteousness, (b) are not fraught with snares of the enemy
and (c) are works that bring glory to His Kingdom and will stand the test of "For the Son of Man shall come in the
glory of His Father with His angels; and then He shall reward every man according to his works.
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