Modern Methods of Hair Restoration For Men and Women Suffering From Hair Fall

Hair Loss Primary Cause

Let’s kick this off with some general information. The primary cause of hair loss not only in Singapore, but the world in its entirety is of course predetermined by people’s genetic makeup. In fact, 95% of hair loss in Singaporean men is because of Male Pattern Baldness. This is a genetic condition which is predetermined by the affected person’s mother. Male Pattern Baldness is a sex linked trait. This means that it is a mutation on the X sex chromosome. The fact that it is a sex linked trait also means that it is recessive and must be received in duplicate in order to be shown in the person’s physical features.

Since men have only one X chromosome and one Y chromosome they only need one copy and generally have the condition much more regularly than women. If a man had received the mutated gene from their mother then they would eventually exhibit signs of this trait. When seeing an affected person for the first time, doctors will always carry out a full family history and physical examination, as well as necessary blood tests like those found on

The family history will lead to an understanding of family genetics and will enable their physician to rather easily rule out most treatable causes of hair loss earlier instead of traveling down the more difficult diagnostic role of other possible hair treatments or even possibly a hair transplant. This is imperative in order to prevent people from losing hard earned money on a much more readily available treatment such as medication and or products. Sometimes simply a change of living habits that can make all the difference.

Male Pattern Baldness Cause

The cause of male pattern baldness is due mainly to genes, as we have discussed. Some people have the genetic programming to lose their hair, under the influence of the male hormone Testosterone. More specifically the testosterone analog. Testosterone is changed through organic chemistry reactions related to relative concentration of the hormone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

At higher concentrations Testosterone is likely to develop into pockets of DHT. DHT is a much more potent form and has properties detrimental to male hair growth. It is the presence of DHT that is found to be a major environmental cause for hair loss in males.

While lifestyle factors such as excessive stress levels, lack of sleep, unhealthy dieting choices, and choosing to smoke cigarettes can play a major part in hair loss of men, it is predominantly found that an exess amount of the chemical analog DHT is what will cause the premature loss of hair. This factor increases over the course of mens’ lives and most studies suggest that by the age of 50 most men have been affected in some part by balding.

Medications To Reduce DHT

There are medications that when used have been verified to reduce and realign concentrations of DHT in people during trials. People with lowered DHT present were found to have slowed or halted their balding. The most readily available and widely used medication in Singapore is Finasteride. Finasteride is USFDA authorized for hair loss in men based on the overall presence of DHT.

Another possible treatment is through the use of Dutasteride. Dutasteride is categorically stronger than Finasteride but in general it isnt an accepted or USA FDA approved method for hair loss treatment presently. These medications had been verified to be extremely powerful when considered as a medication to be used to treat male pattern hair loss in particular at the crown and midscalp.

Nonsurgical Techniques To Treat Baldness

There are other nonsurgical methods which can be used to help treat thinning or balding areas of the scalp. These nonsurgical techniques are actually more cost effective if its found that they work for you. In summation they create the optimal hair growth environment in your scalp through the use of a combination of capillary regeneration as well as micrographs from other parts of your scalp.

In General the entire process takes place in an outpatient procedure which only last approximately 30 to 45 minutes. They will use micrographs to harvest optimal skin cells from your scalp then in vitro will utilize filtration and biochemical processes in way to optimize the solution which will then be implanted back into the balding areas of your scalp.

This type of treatment is available for both men and women who have not experienced total hair loss. In other words if you are not absolutely in need of a total hair transplant then this is one possible solution for your problem. Although results may vary you can expect that within 30 days your hair should be observed to maintain its normal lifecycle again resulting in thicker and fuller hair.

Full Hair Transplant Surgery

If all of the previous methods discussed fail you or you simply want to go to the one that you know will work, then a full hair transplant surgery is the method for you. In Singapore the price of a hair transplant surgery will vary but you can count on the function and form to be the same. Initially you will have a consultation and then the surgery itself. The cost of the surgery itself will depend entirely on the amount of hair follicles which will need to be transplanted. Then there will be the necessary costs of medication for recovery afterwards.

Also there will be a final review to make sure that the transplant was successful. This final review will be done by your a origional surgeon. Your initial consultation will cost between $50 and $100. The cost of the surgery will be approximately $5 per graft. On average these surgeries generally require 2000 or more grafts to be completed. Your medications afterwards will range between $200 and $400.

The final medical review afterwards should cost you approximately $100. These specific numbers are came from the cost reviewed by our marketing team as an average of over 10 Singaporean clinics. Sometimes your surgeon may require you to do one or more of the steps discussed in this article prior to attempting a full hair transplant. The choice is yours but it is at the discretion of the doctor to decide which method suits you the best.