'Is Nineveh a byword for today ?'
Jonah's refusal to answer God's first call to prophesy to the city of Nineveh led to desperate consequences for
God's messenger.  Jonah here can symbolize Israel of that day and its defiant posture not to take the message
of mercy, forgiveness and reconciliation to pagan peoples such as those living in Assyrian Nineveh.  Israel
believed it was 'too good' and 'God was theirs' -- not to be shared with pagan and unrepentant peoples.  Like
the ancient cultures of Israel and Nineveh, there is a cross section in America that is becoming openly defiant
to the commandments of  "... worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only"
[1]  and "have no other gods
before Me"
[2].  This segment seems to be willing to accept hedonistic gods, pagan-type idolatry and various
unholy practices.  Scripture is replete with God's admonitions and forewarnings to those
nations that sacrificed
and paid homage to idols, harbored abominations in their houses and received (worshipped) 'other gods' in
place of Yahweh.
Christianity is not a 'blended' religion nor is it a 'composite' faith reflecting similar-seeming religious rituals,
ceremonies or doctrine(s).  In America we can see areas where a 'spiritual defiance' is taking place as
humanistic and pop-religious ideologies become increasingly prevalent.  Parts of America seem to be absorbed
with political trivia, sports gluttony, genres of violence, tabloid intrigues and 'religious-type' entertainment.  A
'spirit of lawlessness' can feed off of the above practices and manifest itself in mainstream life experiences, as
well as established social institutions.  God will not be mocked nor will He allow His glory to be spirited away.
He will not be subjugated nor have His gospel willfully withheld.  When public personalities, who
serve other
are given place to represent this nation and are then elevated to national and global visibility, God must be
pondering how long will He contend with a people whose nation claims to be founded on 'In God We Trust'.
Pray God will send to America a last day 'message to repent' as He did to Nineveh[3], along with a strong
prompting to take this benevolence from His heart to the unsaved and backslidden in this land.  An important
message in the Book of Jonah is the prophet's misplaced values
[4]  and concern over his own comfort rather
than the message of mercy, deliverance, forgiveness and reconciliation which God desired to make available to
the Ninevites upon their repentance.  Let the vision of our intercessory prayers move beyond the 'shadow of
our own shade'
[5]  and focus on the greater need for repentance throughout this nation.  Nineveh's repentance
released God's mercy and He relented of His pending judgment upon that city.  Initially, Jonah lost his way
(spiritually) to God's appointed destination for him and his first calling.  Let the compass of your faith and your
obedient heart always point to the 'true north'
[6]  of Calvary and keep your eyes on "the prize of the high calling
of God in Christ Jesus"
[7].  Lose not your way in these last days!  Let us not 'resist the call of God', 'run the
other way' or 'lounge in the shade' of our own salvation.  Rather, let us hear and leap in boldness to God's call
to share His gospel of saving grace for all peoples who will repent and believe on the name of His Son
[1] (Matt. 4:10)  [2] (Exo. 20:3)  [3] (Jon. 3:2)  [4] (SFLB Jon. 4:11- note)  [5] (Jon. 4:5-11)  [6] (Job 37:22-Niv)   [7] (Phil.
3:14-Kjv)   [8] (Jhn. 20:31/1 Jhn. 5:13)
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Many of the entertainment, political, athletic, and quasi-religious 'icon-personalities' followed and sought after
today, by the pop-cultural enthusiasts, are like the one's cited above, i.e.,
public personalities who serve other
and either by design or default, are given place to represent this nation as well as and many contemporary
social causes prevalent today.
 Do you live in a Nineveh?.  If so, be one of those which will openly and
proclaim the 'Good News Message' of the gospel when God brings the move of the Spirit to your city
in the last hours of these end-time days. Why wait, begin today to broadcast His gospel message wherever you

Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin