"A soul without a Voice"
In these latter-days re-commit your time and devotion to mine (dig out) the depths of God's word each day for
the great pearls of 'wisdom and understanding'
(Prov. 2:1-5) reside there for the finding.  'Finding' here applies to
anyone willing to search with the
eyes of his heart for the truth held in God's word.  Pray that the Lord will
establish in you the eagerness of the Bereans
(Acts 17:11), who "examined the scriptures daily with readiness of
mind," as the Holy Spirit teaches and reveals to you a deeper revelation of Jesus Christ through His inspired
word.  Let our prayers be a
reply to 'Christ' in our life and not just a response to a 'crisis'.  Believe that prayer
should be an invitation for 'God's presence' and not just an opportunity to request or take from His hand.  Let
not our prayers be in haste or hurried for God "... acts for the one who wait on Him"
(Isa. 64:4).
Let the presence of Jesus in your life coerce 'you' out of 'yourself' so that the Holy Spirit may have open
access to perfect you in the image of Christ and establish in you His love, character, mind and righteousness.  
Let not sin be the gateway to allow the enemy to enter into your life as "the sins of the prophets" allowed the
"adversary to enter the gates of Jerusalem"
(Lam. 12,13).  Much of the above may sound like traditional Christian
boilerplate to some, yet as we encounter the pop-culture gospel being foisted across the airways and in other
venues, it surely seems like a time to return back to the steadfast and
rock-solid Christian teachings straight
from the Word of God
Today allow Christ to 'apprehend your heart anew' through devotion and commitment to the study and  
acquisition of His written word.  We have to
acquire the word first before we can retain it, before we can
apply it to our lives and before we can effectively communicate it to others.  The wealth of God's
word that we will covet the most will be the treasures we ourselves mine out of the rich soil of the Holy Spirit
inspired scriptures. Others can surely speak out the word of God and our faith can be quickened and
increased, yet there is no substitute for God speaking to our spiritual ears (heart) as we personally apprehend
His word.  The Spirit and the Word of God are inseparable and they will empower us in our prayer life when
all of mans' assurances and guarantees have failed us.  Fervent, effectual prayer can not be replaced with well
intentioned good works.  Good works truly have their place as fruit born out of our faith when we minister to
others, serve through the church and walk out the great commission to take His gospel (and be an example of
its truth) to all peoples and nations.
Prayer has its place as our most intimate means of opening ourselves to the Lord while in His presence.  
Prayer can involve faith, worship, confession, intercession, adoration, praise, thanksgiving, dedicated action,
requests and our love for Him
(1).  Without fervent prayer in our daily life we are like a trumpet without a note,
a breeze without a whisper, a lark without a song and a
soul without a voice.  Many a soul lays silent do to the
fact it was never taught or learned how to use its 'spiritual voice' through being born again.  Then there are
those souls which have a 'regenerated voice' yet seldom or infrequently use it for anything other than emergent
situations.  The voice of your soul comes through and by your reborn
'spirit-man' and is the communicator to
the Spiritual realm of the triune Godhead, and particularly the Holy Spirit, Himself.  A soul without a voice is a
conscious choice on the part on the soul bearer himself ... and those which are so blessed with a spiritual
prayer voice (language) and do not apprehend its power are 'nolo contendere' (without excuse).

Jon D. Hannum, Ph.D.
Amen Ministries of Austin
(1)  See Nelson's Bible Dictionary
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